3.15pm PlayPolitical: David Miliband tells Sky News that his controversial Guardian article was an attack on David Cameron, not Gordon Brown. Anyone believe him?

3pm Andrew Mitchell MP updates ConHome readers with a progress report from the Conservative social action project in Rwanda

2.45pm Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight: In Hobbesian Britain, carrying a knife is often rational

2pm Martin Parsons on CentreRight: Labour are undermining at least 50% of Britain’s historic core values

11am Dan Lewis on CentreRight: In economic policy, is Obama to the left of Gordon Brown?

10am PlayPolitical video: Watch Ed Balls skipping

ToryDiary: Labour’s leadership crisis

Farmer David Eyles, writing for The Platform, worries about charging people for merely possessing a knife.

Two PlayPolitical videos:

David Miliband: Labour needs to change and change now

"David Miliband, seen as a frontrunner to succeed Gordon Brown if he resigns, today intervenes in the debate about Labour’s future saying "the times demand a radical new phase" from the government if it is beat the electoral odds and win a fourth term." – The Foreign Secretary doesn’t mention Gordon Brown once in an article for The Guardian

Cameron focuses on local media while holidaying in South West

"David Cameron relaxed into his British beach holiday yesterday with a televised shopping trip, a national radio phone-in and an interview with 70 readers of a local newspaper." – Times

"Conservative party leader David Cameron today set out his pitch for Westcountry votes in a unique event with Western Morning News readers. In a wide-ranging hour-long session he fielded questions on the European Union and water bills, rural housing and post office closures tearing the heart out of rural areas.  He backed the use of wind farms to help the environment, criticised the cost of the new logo for the Cornwall super-council and said a cull of diseased badgers could help to tackle TB in cattle herds in the Westcountry." – Western Morning News

Let children drink at home, says David Cameron

"Some of the friends I had, the ones who had the biggest problems, were the ones who actually were never allowed to drink anything at home – whereas the ones who drink responsibly were the ones who were given a glass of wine or a small glass of beer or a shandy or something. That’s the right way to do it in the home." – Speaking to Radio 1 yesterday, quoted in The Telegraph

Boris Johnson’s aides plot to suspend Met Chief Blair

Andrew Grice’s five part review of Tory policies turns to schools and hospitals todayIndependent

Part 1 on the broken society | Part 2 on the economy

Reuben brothers give Tories nearly £200,000FT

Grant Shapps accuses Labour of using HIPS to deliver backdoor council tax revaluation

"Shadow Housing Minister Grant Shapps, said: "Behind the smokescreen of HIPs, Labour’s real agenda is to build up a property database of every home. Property Information Questionnaires are most likely just another way of conducting Labour’s controversial council tax revaluation and re-banding by the backdoor.
"The public will be clobbered twice – once for a costly Home Information Pack and then again in the form of higher council tax bills for home improvements and their parking spaces."" – Telegraph

"How tax credits hit the rocks" – Sue Cameron in the FT examines the failure of one of Brown’s flagship policies

Labour’s English problem

"With all the political attention paid to the Celtic fringe of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, Labour sometimes lost sight of the simple fact that four-fifths of the British population live in England. And the English are once more ceasing to vote Labour.  This may be the single most important fact about the last general election. Labour won another national majority of seats, and indeed they won a large majority of English seats – but the Tories gained marginally more popular votes than Labour in England. The full result was startling. In May 2005, Labour won 286 out of 529 English seats with 8.05m votes, or 35.5% of the popular vote; Tories 194 seats with 8.10m votes or 35.7%, Liberal Democrats 47 seats, with 5.201m or 22.9%." – Geoffrey Wheatcroft in The Guardian

Failure of Doha

"The failure of the talks is economically disastrous and could be politically destabilising. A deal could have been worth several hundred billion dollars in increased global activity, a fillip that national economies could use now." – Telegraph leader

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