Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: How and why the Church of England will split

5pm ToryDiary: Conservatives to the right, LibDems to the left, SNP to the north

5pm PlayPolitical videos: McCain ads attack Barack Obama for (1) inexperience, (2) hypocrisy

4.30pm CentreRight updates:

1pm PlayPolitical videos: Harriet Harman explains why she wants to toughen the law for men who kill unfaithful wives and soften the law for wives who kill violent husbands and Should Brown step down?

Lunchtime updates on CentreRight: Tim Montgomerie isn’t worried about overpopulation and Peter Whittle is looking for cultural distractions from economic difficulties

11.15am Seats and candidates: James Morris adopted for Halesowen and Rowley Regis

10.45am Suleiman R Shah writes his first entry for CentreRight: Wake up and smell the Lassi: "The Australian Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith, described the Afghan-Pak border region as the "the current international hotbed of terrorism" in a press conference with Condi Rice last week. This was an understatement. It’s not just the border region, but increasingly Pakistan proper."

10am Graeme Archer on CentreRight: A disabled health service

ToryDiary: Could a Miliband-Johnson ‘dream ticket’ revive Labour?

Greg Hands MP on CentreRight: Why are guidebooks so left-wing?

Chris Grayling MP on Platform: We must end the extreme deprivation of Britain’s cities

Local government: Pickles attacks plans to re-unionise local government

PlayPolitical video: Pro-Obama advert from is aimed at youth market and is set to air on Comedy Central, ‘Hope could happen to you’

SNP and Tories deny reports of secret talks

"A senior Salmond aide said: "It is a ludicrous report and the exact opposite of the truth. The SNP is currently the only party the Tories are not having discussions with, given that they are in the Calman Commission with Labour and the Liberal Democrats." – Herald

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary: Annabel Goldie denies secret talks with the SNP

"The Labour Party in Scotland will be more independent of party bosses in Westminster in the future if the three main contenders for the leadership get their way" – Scotsman

Andrew Grice continues his week-long examination of Tory policies with a focus on the economyThe Independent

Labour has stolen the Tory policy of crime mapping, they should also steal the elected police chiefs policyTelegraph leader

The Guardian says Labour MPs are not ready to go public against Brown

"The Labour party appeared to rally round its troubled leader yesterday, as MPs sought to deny the existence of a list of names being sent to the cabinet calling on them to urge Gordon Brown to quit." – Guardian

But Rachel Sylvester, in The Times, finds little loyalty for Brown: "There is little residual loyalty towards the Prime Minister among his Cabinet. “I don’t think Gordon would die in a ditch for me so why should I die in a ditch for him?” one minister said."

Boris Johnson sees two years of leadership speculation ahead

"For most of the next two years, it can be confidently predicted, the story of the Labour Government will be about coups and plots and Cabinet rivals warring for succession. One day we will be told that the armies of Hattie Harperson are mustering in the wings; the next day the media will be talking up the claims of Geoff Hoon – "Who Hoon?", as Lenin so pungently put it.  One day a female columnist will announce that Miliband has the magnetic good looks to see off Cameron; and the next day a rival female columnist will proclaim that, on the contrary, James Purnell is the man, what with his sideburns and his interesting views on welfare reform." – Boris Johnson in The Telegraph

Is it Brown? Darling? Harman? Who’s in charge?

The Telegraph reports on confusion as to who is running the country during the PM’s summer break.

Cheeky youths collar Gordon Brown for photo-op – Times

"Business cheers Brown’s policy on unions"

"Gordon Brown was on Monday praised by business for resisting “the worst” union demands on policy, but urged to stand his ground in the run-up to this autumn’s politically charged party conference season… The relaxed business reaction was in stark contrast to a Tory briefing document that on Monday proclaimed the resurrection of a Labour party in hock to its historic paymasters." – FT

Harriet Harman wants softer sentences for domestic abuse victims who murder their partnersePolitix

The Sun wants tax cuts

"UNIONS and Leftie MPs want Gordon Brown to hammer the rich and impose a windfall tax on banks and energy moguls… The Treasury already grabs a huge slice of the cash pouring into Britain from these giants. And if we hit high earners, we will lose some of our biggest wealth creators.  As a nation, we already pay too much tax. Too much is squandered by incompetent ministers.  What we need is value for money, an attack on waste — plus the TAX CUTS such a policy could deliver." – The Sun Says

Welsh Assembly making too frequent requests for transfers of power from WestminsterWestern Mail

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