10pm ToryDiary: Rifkind and Willetts head a list of pro-Obama Tories

7.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron to outline ambitious apprenticeships policy

7pm Douglas Murray on CentreRight: Brotherhood bias on the BBC

6pm Matthew Sinclair on CentreRight: Coal power, clean or not, is now essential

3.15pm Alex Deane on CentreRight wants to know if you agree with Boris’ view that Tony Blair was "one of the most successful prime ministers since the war"…

1pm Seats and Candidates: Bournemouth West reopens

1pm Charlie Elphicke on CentreRight notes another Labour man getting a job in Quangoland

Noon Parliament: The long, long recess begins with ministers ‘rushing out the trash’

Platform: Nadine Dorries says the next Conservative government needs to address the issue of poor and deteriorating teenage sexual health and behaviour

CentreRight: Andrew Lilico’s 2004 prediction on house prices and Alan Mendoza on the arrest of Radovan Karadžić

Local Government: Town hall bosses’ wages soar without improvements to local services

PlayPolitical: The gaffes of the 08 campaign so far

CameronDirect will be broadcasting live from Loughborough at 6:30pm tonight

Tories 15% ahead in ICM pollToryDiary

"Purnell’s" welfare reforms

"Benefits claimants will be forced to pick up litter and clean off graffiti under radical U.S.-style welfare reforms designed to get millions back into work." – Mail

"The government may require lone parents to take part in training for a return to work even before their children are of school age in the most radical shake-up of the welfare system since the second world war." – Guardian

"James Purnell had to compete with two of his predecessors and his Conservative Shadow over authorship of the welfare Green Paper. All are partly right, though Mr Purnell has enhanced his rising reputation by being the minister to produce the package." – in the Times

"Neither the Labour party nor the Conservatives are prepared to go the whole hog and introduce a system whereby benefit is lost automatically after a set period of time, say five years, if the claimant has not got a job… [Purnell’s] assertion that a life on benefits should no longer be an option for those able to work will be welcomed by most taxpayers; but we fear he will be the latest in a succession of Labour ministers for whom radical welfare reform is easier to talk about than to achieve." – Telegraph leader

  1. Build on the expertise of staff in local benefit office
  2. Put a time limit on benefits
  3. Give long-time claimants benefits for a year after they get a job

– Frank Field in the Times

> James Purnell steals Chris Grayling’s ideas on welfare reform

Mustn’t get complacent, mustn’t get complacent

"David Cameron gave his final “I’m Not Complacent” speech before the summer break yesterday. I say final but, as there are still hours to go before the recess, I cannot be sure. The man is addicted to telling us he’s not complacent. It may be a medical condition. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Dave soon had to attend Complacency Anonymous." – Ann Treneman sketch in the Times

SATs firm has a record of failure

"The American company at the centre of the controversy over national curriculum test blunders is also providing tests for would-be migrants to the UK in English skills, it emerged yesterday. David Cameron, the Conservatives’ leader, said ETS should be sacked from its £156m contract to mark and deliver national curriculum test results." – Independent

"ETS, the company that has been running Sats examinations for all 11- and 14-year-olds, has been guilty of grotesque incompetence from the off. The markers on whom we rely to ensure these tests are robust reported that the system for guaranteeing standardised grades and the efficient delivery of papers was broken from the start." – Michael Gove in the Guardian

Cameron appoints Sir Richard Sykes to review exams system – Guardian

Shadow Pensions Minister Nigel Waterson says confidence in pensions will be eroded if Government doesn’t help Equitable LifeTelegraph

Stuff Skegness, my trunks and I are off to the sun

"Some time before the end of August, I will grab a week’s leave, like a half-starved sealion snatching an airborne mackerel, and whatever happens that leave will not be taken in some boarding-house in Eastbourne. It will not take place in Cornwall or Scotland or the Norfolk Broads. I say stuff Skegness. I say bugger Bognor.I am going to take a holiday abroad, and in my view it would be absurd, hypocritical and frankly inhumane to do anything else.." – Boris Johnson in the Telegraph

Foreign profits u-turn

"The immediate Tory response to the Treasury rethink on foreign profits taxation was succinct, if somewhat brutal: “Another day, another U-turn.” George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, attacked the “catalogue of cave-ins” by the government." – FT

The Left’s venomous hatred for Thatcher, as seen in Guardian letters – Quentin Letts in the Mail

We will soon hate Obama too

"Just as bird flu is a disease from out of the East, runaway modernity is a scourge originating to the West. So Barack Obama, en fête around the world, will one day learn that there is no magical cure for the envy of others. What makes America the indispensable power (and even more indispensable in the era of the new China), is precisely what makes anti-Americanism inevitable." – David Aaronovitch in the Times

800,000 hospital admissions a year caused by drink, four times the official figuresTelegraph

Glasgow no longer belongs to Labour – Andrew O’Hagan in the Telegraph

A "menu Europe" will be more palatable – Vivien Schmidt in the FT


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