11pm Seats and Candidates: James Brokenshire MP selected for Old Bexley & Sidcup

6.45pm Seats and Candidates: Davena Rankin selected for Glasgow East by-election

6pm PlayPolitical: Mugabe shouts at "bloody idiot" ITN journalist

4.15pm: Help us think of a name for the successor to

3.30pm Dr Crippen on CentreRight: "We have run out of the vaccines needed for routine childhood immunisations"

2.45pm ToryDiary: Rifkind calls for amendment of Ken Clarke’s answer to the West Lothian Question

2.30pm: Statement from CCHQ: "President Kaczynksi of Poland has said he will not sign the Lisbon Treaty at present, following its defeat in an Irish referendum last month.  Commenting, Shadow Foreign Minister, Mark Francois said: “President Kaczynksi’s courage and leadership in speaking out are a stark contrast to Gordon Brown’s complete lack of either. President Kaczynksi is speaking up for the rights of Irish voters. Gordon Brown has rammed this Treaty through Parliament to put pressure on the Irish without any democratic mandate from the British people. It would be totally undemocratic if the Irish people were made to vote twice before the British people got to vote once.”"

2pm ToryDiary: Lord Stevens’ border protection report launched

12.15pm updates on CentreRight:

10.15am ToryDiary: The tax revolution begins with transparency

10am Alex Deane on CentreRight: "Wasn’t the sole justifying point of Tate Modern that it would act as a collecting point for junk, and save the rest of our galleries from guff?"

ToryDiary: Cameron likely to accept Clarke answer to West Lothian Question

Andrew Lansley MP on Platform: Darzi’s review is centred on how NHS services should be managed rather than what they should achieve

Dr Phillip Lee on Seats and candidates: Parliament needs more mathematicians and scientists

Andrew Morrison on Seats and candidates: Glasgow East has suffered from Labour’s tired, failed social policy

Labour’s planning quango could stop Tory government from axing EcotownsTelegraph

"More than 200 protesters against eco-towns gathered outside parliament on Monday, seeking to bring their anger over the increasingly controversial initiative directly to the government’s doorstep.  The demonstration coincided with a decision by the Conservatives to withdraw support for the government’s proposals to create 10 of the towns, which are meant to embody the best of environmentally friendly building techniques and technology. Grant Shapps, the party’s housing spokesman, claimed that a series of U-turns had “watered down” their green component and they would in any case never be built." – FT

John Hutton leads Cabinet calls for freeze on fuel dutyIndependent

Backbench Labour MPs mount another bid to win more compensation for 10p victims BBC

The unions that bankroll Labour want higher taxes for those earning £40,000+Daily Mail

David Davis challenges Gordon Brown to public debate on civil libertiesGuardian

Visits to Mr Davis’ side from senior Tories begin in earnest today.  Jeremy Hunt, Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith are all campaigning in Haltemprice and Howden today.  Keep up-to-date via David Davis’ campaign website.

Labour’s licensing revolution has failed says LGA

  • "94% of local authorities said that they were more stretched as a result of the Licensing Act
  • 10% of primary care trusts reported a rise in trouble in town centres as a result of the Act
  • 50% of police authorities reported that alcohol-related incidents were happening later since the implementation of the Act
  • 86% of PCTs said that the Act had caused extra pressure on resources."

Source: The Times

Boris Johnson V PlayStations

"If we want to do better at sport, we should stop blaming foreigners, and we should now launch a merciless Kulturkampf against every feature of modern Britain that is inimical to our competitive success. We should summon up our courage and tell our ballooning children to put down their beastly PlayStations and go and play outside. We should encourage them to walk or cycle to school. We should stop the sale of school playing fields. We should finally abandon the ethic of "all must have prizes"." – The Mayor of London writing in The Telegraph

On CentreRight yesterday, Harry Phibbs called for faster action from Boris on campaign promises.

Celebrating the NHS – David Cameron takes photos of patients, The Sun

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