8pm ToryDiary: Samuel Coates to join David Cameron’s office

6pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: "We could cut taxes, temporarily, in the face of an economic downturn, in the standard way that standard economic theory recommends."

5.45pm Two PlayPolitical videos:

5.15pm ToryDiary: Osborne on the importance of fixing society to fixing the economy

5.15pm Conor Burns on CentreRight: The Lady is not for dying

12.30pm Matt Sinclair on CentreRight: How badly would HMRC have to screw up for its Chairman not to get a bonus?

11.30am ToryDiary: ‘The Treasury will struggle to afford tax cuts but one thing is far more certain: the economy can’t afford tax rises’

ToryDiary: Cameron to unveil economic recovery plan

Local government: Swindon Tories prepare to be the first council to pull the plug on speed cameras

Patrick Cusworth on Platform calls for William Hague to press the US to stop the "torture" of waterboarding

Parliament: Lord Strathclyde tells peers that they must "engage" with the Commons in its wish to have a largely elected Upper House

Two PlayPolitical videos:

Unions get new favours from Labour

"Companies wanting to
win government contracts will be told that they must promote trade
union membership, The Times has learnt.  In the latest sign that
ministers are bowing to the unions’ agenda, businesses seeking a share
of the £115 billion on offer to deliver public services will be told
today that they must demonstrate how they will “build good relations”
with unions as part of their contract bids. Employees working on
government projects in the private sector must also be given training
if they do not have basic literacy and numeracy qualifications." – Times

"Businesses will today
be told that they must demonstrate how they will "build good relations"
with unions if they are to win a share of the £115 billion worth of
public service contracts on offer… The announcement comes after
Unite, Britain’s biggest union, gave guarantees underwriting Labour’s
accounts." – Telegraph

"How sad in these deeply worrying times that we are saddled instead with the vapidity of Home Secretary Smith"Daily Mail leader

Quentin Letts records David Davis’ low key return to the Commons

"Having given the Speakerly paw a spongy squeeze, Mr Davis walked
round to the Tory front bench. For one exciting second it looked as
though he might be about to sit down there, reclaiming his Shadow
Cabinet position. But no, he was merely seeking out Mr Cameron.  The
two men gave each other a mafia funeral greeting, hands up on elbows.
Then Mr Osborne patted Mr Davis on the back. It was all wildly macho.
They left the chamber in one swaggery little group, accompanied by
flunkeys." – Daily Mail

Watch Jonathan Isaby and Giles Edwards discuss their new book on Boris Johnson
BBC iPlayer

John Hutton: Heathrow set to get third runwayTelegraph

Tax credit fraud and errors cost £1.5bn in 2006/07BBC

MPs demand inquiry into torture of Briton overseasIndependent

Where the Tories are making most progress

"Since September last year the Conservatives have made a 23% net
advance in vote share, relative to Labour (i.e. they have gone from a
10% deficit to a 13% lead). The chart below shows how the party’s net
improvement on various policy issues compares with this increase in
topline support." – Populus

Brown was overestimated a year ago, he’s underestimated now

"Now Labour is in a terrible state, the economy is weak and the Tory leadership is much more agile and voter-friendly as it subtly reheats Thatcherism for the 21st century. He faces the challenge of convincing his own party that it should not change leader, then the media and the country that he at least deserves to be heard without being instantly rubbished. It is a massive task in a country that has turned against its previous two prime ministers with a similar contempt bordering on hatred.  I do not know whether he is up to the challenge, but I am certain Brown is in no mood to pull out of his own volition. I am also certain that while he was being ridiculously overestimated a year ago, he is being underestimated now." – Steve Richards in The Independent

The Sun salutes Mervyn King

"Bank of England chief Mervyn King has rejected a tempting £100,000 pay rise and settled for a below-inflation award worth a fraction of that.  The governor is a man of honour — a rare beast in the City where contemptuous fat cat bosses raise two fingers to customers and grab monster pay deals and bonuses even when they fail.  Astonishingly, Mervyn is still “Mr”. Shouldn’t he be Sir Merv?" – The Sun Says


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