7.30pm ToryDiary: Ray Lewis targeted by allegations

5pm PlayPolitical:

4.45pm Seats and candidates: Finalists for Castle Point

1pm ToryDiary: Making tax law simpler and better

11.15am ToryDiary: A Government worth having

"Isn’t the spirit that compels people to challenge anti-social
behaviour the same sense of social responsibility that we so urgently
need to nurture?"

10am CentreRight: Samuel Coates defends have-a-go-heroism

Parliament: Justine Greening leads attack on Darling’s Vehicle Excise Duty hike

Local government: Eric Pickles’ latest video from the LGA Conference sees him toast Labour with one of their mugs!

Seats and candidates: Rebecca Harris and Mike Greene are finalists for Bournemouth West

Simon Chapman on CentreRight: The Patient’s Passport is on its way back

Daniel Furr on Platform worries that we have failed both Iraqis and ourselves by winding down operations in Basra.

An end to stealth taxes?  Howe and Osborne promise tax transparency and simplification

"A Conservative government would end the "rabbits from the hat" practices of Gordon Brown by ensuring that major tax changes are proposed at least four months before the annual budget, the party will announce today." – Guardian

"Mr Osborne will also accept Lord Howe’s proposal for the creation of an office of tax simplification to examine the existing tax code and make proposals to streamline it. He envisages it working along the same lines as the National Audit Office, drawing in staff from HM Revenue and Customs, academics and tax professionals. Lord Howe says it would become “an authoritative and independent voice on tax law, creating a powerful institutional pressure for simplification of the tax system”." – FT

Lord Howe also writes for the FT: Why we must change the way tax law is made.

“Ten years of Gordon Brown’s stealth taxes have destroyed people’s trust in the system and given us the world’s most complicated tax regime.The Conservative government will overhaul the way tax laws are made so they are simpler and more transparent. Future governments will no longer be able to bury bad news in small print.” – George Osborne quoted in The Sun

Frank Field complains that Tories scuppered his plans to extend inheritance tax relief from married couples to siblings – Liverpool Daily Post

David Cameron: The Conservative mission is clear

Writing for The Times – in response to its critical editorial of yesterday – the Conservative leader argues that his party’s agenda is clear and strong: "On one side an exhausted government that never had a plan and is now bereft of energy and completely out of touch with how the world is changing. On the other, the Conservatives, with a coherent vision and a focused set of priorities – but most importantly, a proper idea of how we will achieve them."

David Cameron campaigns for David DavisIndependent | Yorkshire Post

"Terrified of the electorate, Gordon Brown decided that Labour would not contest the by-election occasioned by my resignation, even gagging ministers from debating the government’s record. Yet he could not resist responding to my resignation in a speech he gave on 17 June in the cosy confines of his favourite think-tank. That speech made two things crystal clear. First, he stands behind the sustained assault on British liberty, so expect more to come. Second, he has no idea about the effectiveness of his security policies." – David Davis writing for The Spectator

"Those held for prolonged periods of pre-charge detention start to look like political prisoners. That is how they perceive themselves. That’s why the 42-days law plays straight into the terrorists’ hands.  David Davis is right to take this issue as seriously as he has: 42 days’ detention without charge is a step in the wrong direction." – Colonel Tim Collins in The Telegraph

Bernard Ingham: MPs don’t deserve higher pay so long as they are a political class

MPs’ salary at £61,820 "is roughly mid-point in the Civil Service pay scale. Many believe that few MPs could earn that much in the private sector. But that begs the question as to what kind of person we want to represent us. On this, there is manifestly no agreement.  Constituency selection committees, where they are not contemptibly required to discriminate in favour of women or ethnic minorities, seem only too willing to choose candidates who have done nothing in their lives other than play party political games.  We can’t exactly blame MPs for being useless lobby fodder when we have selected sub-standard, narrowly focused political apparatchiks instead of more independent people of the world." – Bernard Ingham in the Yorkshire Post

MPs set to vote on their expenses today – BBC | ePolitix

Brown won’t campaign in Glasgow East

"The Prime Minister has decided not to campaign in the Glasgow East by-election even though the result could decide his political future, The Times has learnt."

Glasgow East is Brown’s dirty little secret: A hideous, costly social experiment gone wrong – Fraser Nelson in The Spectator

Labour denies Keith Vaz offered ‘reward’ for backing governmentTimes

> Yesterday’s PMQs

David Miliband backs French plans for a stronger European Union role in defenceTelegraph

Family pressures see LibDems’ Scottish leader step downHerald | Scotsman


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