5pm Seats and candidates: Caroline Dineage will take the place of Rebecca Harris in final for Bournemouth West

3pm Seats and candidates: David Cameron hopes that Glasgow East will give local people a voice

TV ALERT: David Davis debates civil liberties with Tony McNulty on Sky News at 11am.

10am ToryDiary: George Osborne promises lower fuel duty when price of oil is high, higher duty when oil price falls

Leslie Clark on Platform advocates "The bright blue sky of independence" for Scotland

Seats and Candidates: Rebecca Harris selected for Castle Point

Philip Hammond slams ‘something for nothing’ civil service bonuses

"The Conservatives have accused the Government of running a "something for nothing" culture after it was revealed that civil servants banked more than £128 million in bonuses during the last financial year." – ITN

IFS: Tories may have to raise taxes as economic situation deteriorates

"Cameron and Osborne have spent much time and effort reconciling their party to the fact that they do not think it will be possible to promise significant tax cuts in the run-up to the general election. They say instead that they will make room for tax cuts gradually by ensuring that public spending grows less quickly than the economy… But the outlook for the public finances suggests that the first Budget of an incoming Tory government might have to increase taxes rather than (aspire to) reduce them." – Robert Chote of the Institute for Fiscal Studies in The Sunday Telegraph

"If anything, the Tories suffer from too stark a division of labour: Osborne leads on the economy and Cameron on social policy… Brown needs to find his footing and Cameron needs to find a voice on the economy. That’s the contest that will now largely decide the next election." – Martin Ivens in The Sunday Times

Sunday newspapers identify new questions about Ray Lewis

Boris Johnson’s deputy ‘knew Church had barred him’ – Sunday Telegraph

"Senior aides to Johnson and David Cameron, the Tory leader, lambasted
bishops for “sitting on” a file of damaging accusations made against
Lewis when he was a vicar." – The Sunday Times

"Boris’s deputy Ray Lewis ‘raided fund for the poor’" – Mail on Sunday

"The former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith rode to Lewis’s defence last
night, attacking what he called a ‘disgusting’ media campaign against a
good man.  ‘I think you are going to crush a good man who has done some
fantastic work, who has rescued more kids than anyone who writes
stories will ever do in their lives,’ he said. ‘I am disgusted with the
manhunt that’s gone on. He is not a politician; he came in because
Boris asked him to sort out street gangs. Everybody has a past.’" –
Iain Duncan Smith quoted in The Observer

Not entirely implausible to think of Tories as ‘the party of the poor’
– Matthew d’Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Annabel Goldie slams Labour’s struggle to find candidate in Glasgow East

"Labour is rudderless at Westminster, leaderless at Holyrood and treating the people of Glasgow with contempt. Labour’s selection process has been a sham with one candidate walking away, two others ignored, a fourth, Stephen Purcell, apparently turning it down.  And now rumours that Margaret Curran has been press-ganged into standing as Labour’s reluctant and accidental candidate. You couldn’t make it up." – The Scottish Tory leader quoted by the BBC

Andrew Rawnsley agrees that a "Glasgow kiss" could prove fatal to Gordon Brown – The Observer

> ConservativeHome’s coverage of Glasgow East

Ken Clarke would like to be David Cameron’s Leader of the Commons
Mail on Sunday

Freedom of information and MPs

Julian Lewis attacks Sunday Telegraph in expenses row – The Sunday Telegraph

Tories accused of arrogance for making silver-plated Number Ten badges for donorsMail on Sunday 

Two very hyped ‘sleazy Tories’ stories

Cameron accused over free jet flights from businessman – Mail on Sunday

The Sunday Mirror lists "five top Tories in sleaze claims".

Young and old now more likely to be Conservative than 35 to 55sUK Polling Report

Jack Straw wants directly-elected peers to be subject to "recall"Sunday Times

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