1.45pm ToryDiary: Highlights from David Cameron’s Andrew Marr interview

Noon Louise Bagshawe on CentreRight notes what a reporter found when he infiltrated Labour’s campaign in Glasgow East

Noon PlayPolitical: Four minute video of Fraser Nelson touring Glasgow East for the Daily Politics

Platform: Roger Helmer MEP says a carbon tax would be vastly better than a false and artificial carbon credit market

Seats and Candidates: Gareth McKeever selected for Westmorland & Lonsdale

CentreRight: Alan Mendoza adds to Tim’s post about Maliki seeming to endorse Obama and Hamish Marshall on the five foundations people use to define morality

ToryDiary: Tories 21% ahead in ComRes poll

Bringing fathers back into the family


"Cameron’s statements were more measured than Obama’s and he managed the near-impossible feat of not playing to the well-known stereotypes of black fathers. I believe this is one of the main reasons why he has found support among black people. Many of us have waited a long time for the problem of absent fathers to come on to the political agenda in a meaningful rather than a token fashion."" – Shaun Bailey in the Sunday Times

"Marriage and family life could be boosted by getting more jobless young men into work, the Tories will argue this week in a controversial new approach to single motherhood. Shadow cabinet minister David Willetts said it was hardly surprising pregnant girls were raising their children alone, if the alternative was settling down with a man who had no means of supporting a family and no visible prospects." – Observer

Shadowing David Cameron on the campaign trail

"That afternoon Davis would publicly announce his decision and his plan to fight a by-election on the issue. “But that doesn’t make sense,” I say. “Yes, it’s odd; that’s what I thought,” Cameron nods. “Brave but odd. Now I have to decide what to do about it.” At Northolt air base, a six-seater plane is waiting, lent by a wealthy donor. Cameron disappears with his phone to sound out his closest advisers. When he reappears, he is flanked by three other women: Kate, Liz and Rachel. Like Gabs, they are all glamorous, well spoken, clutching beeping BlackBerrys and clad in short skirts showing bare legs and high heels." – Christina Lamb for the Sunday Times

Margot James


"…the dazzling, millionaire vice-chairwoman of the party. She cuts a striking figure: almost 6ft tall, in skinny jeans and a pastel-pink designer jacket, a blonde bob framing a heartshaped face. Her only jewellery is a ring with two diamonds so huge that it is hard to take your eyes away from them.  James is a lesbian and is fed up with everyone banging on about her being a glamorous gay." – Sunday Times

Ian Oakley quits over harrassment claims

"The Conservative candidate for one of David Cameron’s top target seats resigned yesterday, after being arrested over allegations of harassing his opponents." – Observer

> Watford candidate arrested

Brown’s broken rule and unfunded tax changes

"It is a routine complaint among David Cameron’s colleagues that Gordon Brown is always stealing ideas that the Tories have already announced, or which the Prime Minister fears they might be about to unveil. Since Mr Cameron became leader, Gordon has endlessly alleged that the Tories would make unfunded tax cuts. In fact, as if to steal a march on the Conservatives, it is the PM himself who has been doing just that." – Matthew D’Ancona in the Sunday Telegraph

Possible reshuffle to ruffle male feathers

"More experienced male shadow ministers complain that Mr Cameron is overlooking their talents to fulfil his promise on positive discrimination. One said: "David should be careful not to upset things too much, just because we are so far ahead in the polls." – Independent on Sunday

Business needs to do more to support the forces

"Service in the Armed Forces should not make it more difficult to get a mortgage, to open a bank account, or to find employment as a spouse or child – yet these challenges remain. I look to businesses, the financial sector and indeed all walks of life to carry forward this commitment to support our Armed Forces; to remove discrimination where it exists; to be fair to those whose commitment is the basis of the freedom and prosperity that we as a nation enjoy." – CDS Sir Jock Stirrup in the Sunday Telegraph

Dacre moves towards Cameron


"After more than a decade, Paul Dacre, the powerful and long-serving editor of the Daily Mail, finally signalled what has long been speculated upon – a shift in his support from Gordon Brown to David Cameron." – Independent on Sunday

> Has Dacre given up on Brown?

Nice Cameron turning nasty?

"Even 25 years ago, you would not have found one politician calling another hopeless, useless or pathetic. It may be, of course, that Mr Cameron’s use of insulting language about Mr Brown is a sign of that very likeability of which we have heard so much. He tells us straight, he’s not afraid to speak his mind. For myself, I rather doubt it." – Alan Watkins in the Independent on Sunday

The Obama circus is coming to town

"Who is the dominant figure in British politics today? His name was invoked by the Prime Minister in his news conference on Monday. "I agree with him entirely," said Gordon Brown. He was praised as "brave" and "right" by David Cameron on Wednesday. Both hope to be photographed with him in London this week." – John Rentoul in the Independent on Sunday

"Only touch the hem of Barack Obama’s garment and believe. The new Messiah is flying out to Europe and the Middle East this week, concluding his visit in Britain. Our sinful politicians will hope to be healed by his charisma and a good photo-opportunity. For Gordon Brown the balm may be in short supply. David Cameron would like to bottle it. " – Martin Ivens in the Sunday Times

Surgeons to get survival bonus

"NHS surgeons are to be paid bonuses based on the number of lives they save, in radical plans being drawn up by hospitals across Britain." – Sunday Telegraph

"One of the most depressing statistics about the National Health Service is that the number of managers and administrators has grown at a much faster rate than the number of nurses and doctors." – Sunday Telegraph leader

Caledonia shareholders debate whether to donate to Tory marginal seatsObserver

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