7.30pm Seats and Candidates: Rebecca Harris selected for Castle Point

5pm Martin Parsons on CentreRight: Sharia legitimises slavery

2.45pm Seats and candidates: Labour choose local MSP to fight Glasgow East

1pm Peter Franklin on CentreRight: The real Rab C Nesbitt by-election

10am ToryDiary: FT leader attacks David Cameron’s "posturing"

10am Parliament: The twenty-one Conservative MPs who voted to keep the ‘John Lewis list’

Anthony Scholefield on Platform writes The REAL history of the NHS.

Parliament: Peers urge Government to allow Gurkhas to settle in UK

PlayPolitical videos: David Cameron says Gordon Brown was wrong to stay away from Commons in vote on ‘John Lewis’ list and The blaggers’ guide to show you care about the US elections

The resignation of Ray Lewis

Two PlayPolitical videos outlining the events of the last 48 hours.

Frontpage story in the Daily Mail: "Tory turmoil as Mayor Boris Johnson is forced to axe the deputy who lied about his past"

Ken Livingstone piles in: "In a mere two months in office Boris Johnson has already suffered the second resignation from among his most senior officials – Deputy Mayor Ray Lewis following Deputy Chief of Staff James McGrath two weeks ago. In my entire eight years in office I suffered only one enforced resignation of any of my most senior officials, Lee Jasper – and that only after seven years. This extreme contrast shows vividly the incompetence of Boris Johnson and his administration. It is an equal crisis for David Cameron who, it should be remembered, chose to make his first photo opportunity as Tory leader with Ray Lewis." – Quoted by the BBC

"Knife crime has overtaken terrorism as the No 1 priority for the Metropolitan Police, one of Britain’s most senior officers said yesterday." – Times

> Yesterday’s ToryDiary on Ray Lewis.

"Did a minister call Cameron a ‘f***ing toff’ in the Commons?"

"The Tory leader’s aides claimed Anne McGuire called him a ‘f***ing toff ‘ in response to a taunt to Labour MPs. It is said she used the insult in the crowded division lobby on Thursday night." – Daily Mail

Peter Oborne: Labour is "almost suicidally corrupt"

"Although I continue to believe Gordon Brown is personally a man of integrity, his decision on Thursday night meant that he has allowed his Labour Party to condone sleaze in a Commons vote.   He has offered David Cameron a real opportunity. Until now, brilliantly though he has performed as leader of the Opposition, Cameron has been open to the accusation that he does not present a real alternative.  Cameron should now exploit the situation and put forward a series of tough measures that will eradicate the corruption and expenses fiddles that have tarnished British politics for so long." – Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail.

Funding of the Tory frontbench

"The scale and complexity of the aid given to the Conservative shadow cabinet by wealthy individuals and powerful companies was revealed this week in the latest register of MPs’ interests.  It shows that the Conservative frontbench enjoys considerable financial aid from multimillionaires and growing material support from some of the biggest international accounting and management firms which are helping the party devise new policies for government. Cash donations, loans of cars, private jet flights and even a dozen silver goblets from Fortnum & Mason, are among the benefits." – Guardian 

"The Liberal Democrats have made an attempt to be seen as the party of probity by promising to implement spot checks of their MPs’ expenses." – FT

Scottish Tory MEP John Purvis ‘cleared’ of expenses abuse – Herald

Glasgow East by-election

"Labour is to order virtually all of its Scottish MPs and MSPs to campaign in Glasgow East as it prepares for a "big fight" with the SNP in a knife-edge bid to save the Prime Minister." – Scotsman

Iain Dale notes that Labour’s favoured candidate for the by-election has withdrawn.

Hain writing Mandela book

145,000 mortgage holders already in negative equityTelegraph

Sharia law in Britain

"Allowing British Muslims recourse to Islamic law would be a charter for male dominance and peer-group bullying" – Matthew Parris in The Times

On CentreRight yesterday Douglas Carswell MP reflected on one judge’s support for aspects of sharia law.


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