8.30pm ToryDiary: Labour are in third place in key marginals

7pm Peter Franklin on CentreRight disagrees with Louise Bagshawe: Brown will carry on until the sticky end

3.45pm Hot off the press: Short WebCameron video of the Tory leader meeting Barack Obama

2.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron tells Obama to take a break

1.30pm MUST WATCH PlayPolitical: Gerard Baker reads out his brilliant column on Obama’s world tour for Fox News, one of the best pieces of political satire in recent years

12.30pm ToryDiary: This sceptical isle

"Today, over 100 Conservative volunteers will come together in Rwanda
for the start of Project Umubano 2008, continuing the work
started there by the Conservative Party last summer."

Platform: Andrew Mitchell MP on this year’s Rwanda trip


Louise Bagshawe on CentreRight: Get ready for a general election

PlayPolitical: Brown’s address to Labour’s National Policy Forum

Brown undermined by Cabinet whisperings

"Although cabinet ministers said there would be no immediate attempt to oust the Prime Minister, some predicted he would face a concerted move to force
  him to stand down in September – possibly before the Labour conference" – Independent

"Gordon Brown is being undermined by Cabinet ministers who are now publicly questioning his future as Prime Minister following Labour’s disastrous defeat in the Glasgow East by-election." – Telegraph

"Cabinet ministers last night set Gordon Brown a two-month deadline to win back
voters’ trust or face a full-scale ministerial revolt." – Times

"Most current ministers will never serve again. The next two years are
their chance to leave a legacy by pressing ahead with serious reforms.
As it happens, this is the right way to deal with the Conservatives." – FT leader

"Perhaps the men in suits will now find the courage to deliver their
message. They need to remember one thing: from a disaster like this
there really is no way back. Their choice is whether they go down
fighting, or like lemmings." – Simon Heffer in the Telegraph

"Perhaps a reshuffle would reinvigorate his government and there are
candidates aplenty for the chop; but again, if the policies remain the
same, what national, as opposed to party, purpose would be served by
changing personnel?" – Telegraph leader

"Will Labour face or duck that question? Among MPs and sympathisers
whom I talk to there seem to be three opinions: 1. Carry on regardless;
2. Postpone the decision until after the party conference in the
autumn; or 3. Start the ball rolling to replace the leader now. The
real choice is between 1 and 3. To postpone the decision until autumn
is a cop-out, a cloak for doing nothing. Next autumn equals never." – Matthew Parris in the Times

22% lead

"To add to Mr Brown’s woes, the latest monthly survey by ComRes for The
  Independent gives the Conservatives a 22-point lead over Labour, the biggest
  they have ever enjoyed in a ComRes poll." – Independent

> A night cap to end a good day

Glasgow East

Cameron was the winner of Glasgow East – Western Mail

Result does Cameron no favours – Herald

Labour’s cardiac arrest – Polly Toynbee in the Guardian

It’s time to vote on the fate of the Union – Charles Moore in the Telegraph

Who can tell their Left from their Right in Scottish politics? – Alan Massie in the Scotsman

A recession is coming Telegraph

"Families are paying £100 a month to heat and light their homes for the
first time, after one of Britain’s biggest energy suppliers increased
its customers’ bills by 20 per cent. EDF Energy which supplies
more than five million homes, is increasing its dual fuel bill – for
households that take both gas and electricity – by £207 to £1,211 a
year. The changes, with equate to a 20 per cent increase, took place with immediate effect." – Times

Credit card rates hit 35% – Guardian

Hug a hoodie or kill a bike thief?

"First comes despair, and then comes black, black rage. The
man or woman whose bicycle is stolen is afflicted, in my experience, by
a unique anger. Bicycle theft feels not just like an offence against
property, but an offence in the first place against the person, and in
the second against civilisation itself. Empty my pocket, and earn my
anger. Steal my bicycle, and earn my hate." – Sam Leith in the Telegraph

Millions of DNA profiles given to private companiesTelegraph


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