8.30pm Seats and candidates: Labour on course to hold Glasgow East

5.30pm ToryDiary: Hague calls for action outside of UN after China and Russia veto sanctions against Mugabe

10.30am ToryDiary: Boris is "pure party Viagra"

Platform: Simon Clarke says eurosceptics have a lot to learn from the successful No campaign in Ireland

ToryDiary: The influence of the nudge agenda

PlayPolitical: Farage attacks Sarkozy in Strasbourg and Orchestral tribute to 9/11

Davis by-election reaction

"David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, presented his party
leadership with a dilemma yesterday when he won a convincing mandate in
his self-imposed "liberty" byelection but hinted he would make trouble
on the backbenches when he returns to Westminster on Monday." – Guardian

"The re-elected David Davis may trouble David Cameron more than Gordon Brown.
The strange saga of the Davis by-election has ended satisfactorily for him:
a large majority on a higher than expected 34 per cent turnout in a
one-sided contest. However, it is hard to see what Mr Davis has achieved in
his campaign against 42 days that he could not have done if he had remained
as an MP and as Shadow Home Secretary." – Peter Riddell in the Times

The byelection  will be remembered as a local curiosity, not a national sensation – Guardian leader

"David Cameron has ruled out an immediate return to the shadow cabinet for David Davis following his re-election to Parliament.
The Conservative leader held out the prospect of a lesser role within the
  party, probably in the civil liberties field on which the former shadow home
  secretary fought and won a protest by-election." – Telegraph

> Davis to be given some sort of civil liberties role?

What happened to Western leadership?

"Reagan, Thatcher, Kohl and Mitterrand often disagreed
strongly among themselves about particular methods, but they all worked
for the recovery, even the victory, of the West. They achieved it. Today,
our leaders do not even tell us what is wrong, let alone how to put it
right. In the past nine months, the Western world has experienced a
crisis in the banking system that threatens our prosperity… there is a gap in the market for leaders. It
becomes urgent to know whether the likes of David Cameron and Barack
Obama want to tell the truth about the state of the world, and what
they want to do about it." – Charles Moore in the Telegraph

Police should tackle knife-crime not paperwork

"The fatal stabbings of six men in Britain in just 24
hours this week is evidence of a crisis of morality that affects us
all. Britain’s spate of youth murders raises questions about crime that
cannot simply be shrugged off on to government, even one that has
presided over such a dramatic decline in public order. Most
observers agree that policing is in need of urgent reform. But what
they fail to grasp is that the impetus for these reforms – indeed, all
political reforms – must come from the rediscovery of personal
responsibility." – Telegraph leader

Action pledged on knives after five killed in one day – Times

Erwin James talks to young knife offenders – Guardian

Depressing music selling well to a worried publicTelegraph

The undeserving poor exist – just don’t say so

"Say everything we can and should about the Cameron Conservatives’
social inclusiveness and compassion, but when we’ve said it, it remains
the case that the Tories are seen as representing the achievers, the
would-be achievers, and the already achieved in society. There isn’t
any way someone who has made it can moralise about witholding help from
someone who hasn’t without striking a displeasing note." – Matthew Parris in the Times

40p a day for BBC must be good value – Mark Thompson in the Telegraph

Middle class parents priced out of private schools

"The middle classes can no longer comfortably afford to give their children a
private education, with average fees rising twice as fast as the retail
price index. School fees increased by 6 per cent last year — 40 per cent over five years —
and, with the cost of food, fuel and mortgages all rising rapidly, parents
on middle incomes are increasingly likely to overstretch themselves to
educate their children." – Times

Police told to celebrate Roma gipsies’ contribution to LondonMail

Immigrants to be offered fast-track passports for doing voluntary work Mail

Immigrants to need to speak English to gain citizenship Telegraph

Russia and China veto UN sanctions on ZimbabweGuardian

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