7pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: On the nature of international law

5.15pm ToryDiary: James Purnell steals Chris Grayling’s ideas on welfare

2.30pm Peter Whittle on CentreRight: "The BBC reports today that two police officers have been attacked by a mob in south London when they asked a 15-year-old girl to pick up some litter she dropped. Metropolitan Police said one of the officers suffered injuries including a bite wound in the attack in North End in Croydon, on Wednesday afternoon.  In actual criminal, statistical terms, this incident will, on paper, probably appear as a series of ‘smaller’ offences. But try to imagine the effect of it on the people who must have witnessed it."

Noon ToryDiary: Why Fraser Nelson is Britain’s best centre right commentator

Noon Matt Sinclair on CentreRight: Al Gore’s hope that Americans will abandon fossil fuels in a decade is insanity

Foxliamcn_2ToryDiary: Forget tax cuts, says Fox

Parliament: Grieve attacks doubling of violent crime in ten years

Local government: Tories gain two council seats in Jacqui Smith’s backyard

Ewan Watt on Platform: Lessons from Barry Goldwater

George Osborne reacts to Labour’s rethinking of its fiscal rules

“I am not really surprised, but it really is the end of the Gordon Brown era of economics. What he is doing is to give the prisoner their own key to their prison cell – this is the final collapse of the Brown era.  He claimed to have created a system that would constrain the government during the good-times and release the government during the bad times – it is no good if the government can get out of the straight jacket.” – speaking on Today, transcribed by PoliticsHome.

Nick Clegg on his tax cutting agenda

"It’s impeccably liberal to say you should have a fairer tax system. We have always argued for a fairer tax system. People on low incomes still pay a much higher proportion of their income on tax than people on high incomes. It is that tradition we are taking forward now, setting out the direction of travel saying the tax system should be much fairer and tax cutting should come from the bottom up from people on low and middle incomes. That is very, very different to the traditional Conservative tax-cutting agenda, which is from the top benefiting people at the top hoping somehow it will trickle down. We have moved with the times. About 10 years ago, we were a party that rightly identified a lack of investment in public services as a major issue in British politics. Since then spending by the Government of our money has doubled from £300bn to £600bn today." – Quoted in The Independent

This won’t be enough to stop the LibDem vote being squeezed hard – Michael Brown in The Independent

Cameron considering snap reshuffle

"Rising stars tipped for promotion include Justine Greening, a shadow Treasury minister who has led opposition to the Government’s road tax plans; Greg Clark, a junior shadow Cabinet Office minister; Ed Vaizey, a junior shadow Culture minister; and Maria Miller, a junior shadow education minister.  It is thought that either Eric Pickles, the shadow Local Government minister, or shadow Work and Pensions minister Chris Grayling, could replace Mrs Spelman if necessary." – Telegraph

Tories hold economic summitThe Times notes some highlights | Also

Boris considering booze ban for under-21s

Johnson_boris_pointing"Drinkers aged under 21 could face a booze ban under a scheme backed by London Mayor Boris Johnson.  Off-licence bosses would be encouraged to stop selling alcohol to teenagers in a bid to beat the binge-drinking culture.  Mr Johnson hopes a trial scheme starting in Croydon, South London, will clear the streets of boozed-up youngsters." – The Sun

The Tories are now the party of the poor – Oliver Letwin in the New Statesman

What next for David Davis?

""With DD now there’s a distinct feeling that it’s like having a small child," says one MP affectionately. "You need to keep him amused, otherwise he’ll start prodding the other kids or wee in the sandpit."" – Tara Hamilton-Miller in the New Statesman

Cameron and Obama to meet next week – Toby Harnden, Telegraph

"The anchors of all three US television networks, ABC’s Charlie Gibson, CBS’s Katie Couric and NBC’s Brian Williams, are to interview Obama during his trip through five countries in the Middle East and Europe." – Telegraph

Hague in Glasgow in by-election visit to Tesco – Herald

Trade unions prepare list of 130 demands

"The complete list, obtained by the Guardian, includes a right to take supportive strike action, scrapping NHS prescription charges, bringing all hospital cleaning back in-house, and a new agreement on public sector pay with the Treasury."

Government to fund board of Islamic theologians in attempt to sideline extremistsBBC

Smith Institute set for rebuke from Charity CommissionFT

And finally…

The FT claims Mr Cameron doesn’t understand Tomb Raider.


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