4.30pm ToryDiary: "The race relations circus"

Lunchtime updates on CentreRight: Douglas Murray on Alex Salmond’s ‘cosying up’ to the Muslim Brotherhood and Charles Elphicke on the laws that the unions want from Labour

Noon ToryDiary: Cameron asks Brown to guarantee that he won’t weaken Tory union reforms 

11.45am Matthew Elliott on CentreRight: Initial TaxPayers’ Alliance reaction to the MPs’ Expenses report

11.15am Seats and candidates: Republication of an article on Zimbabwe by the Scottish candidate suspended yesterday by the Conservative Party

11am ToryDiary: Greg Barker sets out proposals for educating children about climate change

9.45am ToryDiary: Stuart Wheeler loses High Court bid to stop ratification of Lisbon

ToryDiary: Jeremy Hunt seeks charitable revolution to power Britain’s creative industries

Tony Lodge on Platform: Why wind energy will not fill the UK’s energy gap

PLAY PORKBUSTERS: If you liked the Space Invaders video game you’ll enjoy this reworked version from the McCain campaign.

Labour 20% behind Conservatives as Brown’s anniversary nearsToryDiary

Brown’s first yearThe Guardian has a page dedicated to the Prime Minister’s twelve month in office

Speaker’s Committee of six MPs to publish recommendations on expensesBBC

"Gordon Brown and David Cameron are both concerned about MPs making changes to their pay and expenses at a time of economic hardship for the rest of the country. They will attempt to block any proposals which significantly increase the generosity of the system." – Telegraph

Paul Goodman MP seeks recognition of mosques that tackle extremism

No Tory complacency on eve of Henley by-election

"David Cameron has issued a call to arms by ordering all 191 Conservative MPs as well as backroom staff at Tory HQ and party workers from further afield to descend on Henley tomorrow to rally support on polling day." The Herald

‘Boris Johnson heads to Henley to boost heir apparent’ Times sketch

Gordon Brown has agreed to water down controversial new planning laws to avoid another backbench Labour rebellionTelegraph

"The opposition Conservatives are facing in two directions at once. Despite their claims to want more housing and development, they are prepared to sink the reforms necessary to deliver a better system. Locally, their candidates campaign on a populist anti-development platform and accuse the government of plans to concrete over the countryside. Leader David Cameron’s half-pregnant pose on planning will not do." – FT leader

BAA to challenge David Cameron on Heathrow

"BAA will seek on Wednesday to rebut David Cameron’s concerns about a third runway at Heathrow airport, opening up a new front between business and the Conservatives.  Colin Matthews, chief executive of the UK airports group, is expected to claim on Wednesday that the Conservative leader’s doubts about the need for transfer passengers to support Heathrow’s role as a hub airport is not only wrong, but dangerous." – FT

Unions want new strike rights in return for continued funding of Labour

"Repealing the ban on secondary industrial action is among a swath of left-wing policies that unions want to see in the Labour manifesto. The pressure on Gordon Brown comes as he is relying on the unions to help to avert Labour’s cash crisis, when they are in increasingly militant mood." – Times

Britain’s military stretched beyond capabilities says Chief of Defence StaffTelegraph

Government is considering weekend votingBBC

Labour in Scotland set for tricky by-electionScotsman

Plaid’s ‘party within a party’ will argue case for Wales to become independentWestern Mail

And finally…

Angela Merkel goes ‘fussball crazy’, attends Germany Euro08 team talks and sends players txts before and after games – Guardian 


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