11pm Charles Tannock MEP on CentreRight: There are moral pitfalls when free trade is allowed to run riot

8.45pm ToryDiary: ICM gives Conservatives record 20% lead

5pm Jim McConalogue on CentreRight: German eurosceptics appeal in Court against the Lisbon Treaty

4pm Tim Montgomerie on CentreRight: Was Reagan an appeaser for talking to the ‘Evil Empire’?

2.45pm Peter Cuthbertson on CentreRight: More prisoners, less crime

12.30pm ToryDiary: Cameron pledges to replace NHS process targets with an outcome-led approach

10.45am Daniel Kawczynski MP on CentreRight: The EU is stopping me look after my veg

10am ToryDiary: Total Politics

Seats and candidates: Tory candidate suspended after praising Ian Smith and calling Edward Heath "a rat"

Ben Stevenson on Platform makes the case for City Mayors.

Parliament: Gerald Howarth MP suggests a role for the SAS in removing Mugabe

On CentreRight Matt Sinclair sets out the case for McCain over Obama: "In the coming US election Obama is the protectionist throwing subsidies at interest groups, McCain is the reformer promising aggressive action to curb wasteful and distorting subsidies while cutting corporate tax rates.  With that choice, I’ll support McCain without hesitation."

PlayPolitical: McCain’s best video so far: Energy security and Five things you may not know about Obama and McCain

Cameron promises to scrap NHS targets

"Mr Cameron will say the system of "top-down NHS targets is failing the NHS and failing patients" and by focusing on outcomes and providing that information to patients the NHS will become much more effective." – BBC

"Cameron will say: "If we improve the NHS so it meets the international average, we could save an extra 38,000 lives a year. If we improve the NHS so our results are comparable to the best countries in the world, we could save over 100,000 lives a year."" – Guardian

Cameron takes tough line on expenses

"David Cameron threatened to expel from Brussels any Conservative politicians who fail to toe the line on expenses, as on Monday he took a tough stance in response to a swath of Tory “sleaze” stories.  The Conservative leader meanwhile dealt a blow to MPs’ hopes of getting a £35,000 pay rise by rejecting the idea of contentious second-home allowances being added to their salaries." – FT

> ConservativeHome’s full record of yesterday’s press conference

Jeremy Hunt set to give first big speech as Culture Secretary

"The Tories on Tuesday will call for “unloved” non-doms and other wealthy people who give to the arts to be rewarded with honours and given potentially greater tax incentives." – FT

ConservativeHome will be reporting tonight’s speech and Greg Barker MP’s new education and the environment initiative.

Police Chief Ken Jones expresses disappointment at David Davis’ treatment of policeSky

David Davis’ website has been redesigned with information on how you can help his campaign.

The AA says motorists are crying out for a political party that will champion them

"Edmund King, the AA’s president, said the poll sent a clear message to motorists.  These results suggest that motorists have little faith in politicians to deliver motoring-friendly policies.  There is a vacuum on issues that affect the majority of voters. This is on a range of issues including fuel prices, taxation, and road maintenance.  Whoever grabs the turf convincingly will gain advantage at the ballot box.  Despite massive increases in the global cost of oil, motorists still blame the Government.  Two thirds of motorists indicate that if fuel costs continue to rise to between 125 to 149 pence per litre then they will vote with their wheels against the Government." – Telegraph

Tories considering Tim Yeo’s idea of abandoning GMT for European time zone

Social mobility disappeared with grammar schools – Stephen Pollard in The Times

600,000 local government workers reject a 2.45% pay offer and vote to strikeGuardian

"Council workers are threatening a summer of strikes that will leave rubbish uncollected and schools shut.  Their first action is likely to be a two-day stoppage next month that will see 800,000 staff  –  from binmen to classroom assistants – called out.  It could be the first in a wave of industrial action across the public sector by workers angry that the Government is imposing below-inflation pay rises." – Daily Mail

And finally…

How much would you pay for tennis with Tony Blair?  Labour’s latest money-spinning idea revealed in The Daily Mail.


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