11.30pm ToryDiary: Tories 18% ahead, YouGov

Ben Rogers on CentreRight argues in favour of a League of Democracies as an alternative to the UN.


9pm Seats and Candidates: Some observations on the Henley campaign

6.30pm Seats and Candidates: Davis won’t face a serious candidate

4.45pm ToryDiary: Harriet Harman introduces her Discrimination Bill

3.45pm Parliament: Paul Goodman seeks a clear position from the Government on the Muslim Brotherhood and Owen Paterson enquires about negotiations with Sinn Fein

3pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: The new Equality Act will lead to a duty to carry out positive discrimination

10.30am Graeme Archer on CentreRight has had enough: "Next time I see a child fall over in the park, I’m going to go and help them back up. I’m going to default to my natural instinct and revert to gurgling and waving at any baby in a pram I happen to pass. We are not criminals because we are adult and male. Enough of this creeping, toxic prejudice to the contrary."

10.30am Two PlayPolitical videos: Alistair Campbell offers Labour donors tennis with Tony Blair or lunch with Sir Alex Ferguson and, for light relief, Bremner asks if the Tories have caught the Thatcherite virus.

9.30am ToryDiary: Hague and Osborne discuss Middle East strategy

Whatdotheybelieve_2Seats and candidates: The beliefs of the next generation of Conservative MPs

Local government: Councillors more likely to get media training than financial management skills

"Our individualistic, consumer
mentality tells us that if we don’t feel personally satisfied by our
circumstances and relationships, then we should get out and find
alternative options that might better fulfil our own individual needs,
without any real consideration of the impact our choices might have
upon others."

Dr John Hayward on Platform examines the perils and opportunities of ethical consumerism.

Ben Rogers on CentreRight: Hizb Ut-Tahrir

Henley by-election: Polls are now open, we’ll be posting our own thoughts at 9pm today.

Education and welfare will be centrepieces of first Tory term – Fraser Nelson in The Spectator

The CBI says public supports faster reform of public servicesFT

Government will ban age discriminationBBC

David Icke to stand against David Davis

Former TV presenter David Icke is to use the Haltemprice & Howden by-election to warn of a "network of interbreeding families" – that includes the Bush family – who are trying to form a world government – Sky News

But Mr Davis may find himself facing a serious candidate who believes that CCTV and the DNA database are necessary for victims of sexual violence – Guardian

The Poynter Review into the loss of child benefit data

"The Poynter review into the loss of child benefit data last autumn is one of the most devastating indictments of administrative failure for many years. Not only are there wider lessons about the holding of personal data by the State, but the story of what went wrong is not just of historic interest." – Peter Riddell in The Times

MPs plan stricter rules on their expensesFT

The arms lobbyist with extraordinary access to ParliamentIndependent

Barack Obama asks donors to bail out Hillary ClintonTelegraph

And finally…

"Ann Widdecombe will doubtless make an unusual poster girl for women’s lib but, on this particular occasion, there may be no choice. Yes, that’s right ladies – Ann has done it for the girls.  The Tory MP for Maidstone and The Weald – well -known for her outspoken condemnation of abortion – was yesterday given full membership of London’s Carlton Club, an honour usually reserved for those posessing a Y chromosome. Indeed, she is the first ever full female member.  Until May, the Conservative society maintained a staunch men-only policy, allowing women to enjoy nothing more than associate or – in the singular case of Margaret Thatcher – honorary membership."


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