5pm ToryDiary: Any questions for you?

3.45pm Andrew Lilico on CentreRight: This tide of attack on MPs can’t go on

3pm Ben Rogers on CentreRight: We have lost our culture of life

1.15pm Local government: Tory local government leaders disagree on new LGA ad campaign

11.30am ToryDiary: The Biggest Beasts of the Conservative jungle


Seats and candidates: The four finalists for Old Bexley and Sidcup

PlayPolitical video: Wendy Alexander quits as Scottish Labour Leader

Six Conservative MPs have shares in Zimbabwe-operating firmsToryDiary

"Mugabe depends on South Africa and other neighbouring states for all Zimbabwe’s oil and petroleum imports and for half of its electricity. If these were embargoed and if all trade with Zimbabwe was halted by its neighbours, led by South Africa, Mugabe would be gone within a month." – Sir Malcolm Rifkind in The Sunday Telegraph

Today’s must-read article: The challenge facing David Cameron has changed

"He expected to replace a regime that had run its course and missed its chance. Now it is more likely that he will inherit a landscape of economic wreckage, perhaps even a sense of imminent emergency. His mission will involve the heavy lifting of national reconstruction rather than simply the therapeutic task of helping the country get over the Gordon gloom.  It will be the Tory leader’s task not only to reform, but to rebuild." – Matthew d’Ancona in The Sunday Telegraph

Davis_david_green_bckrndTony Benn explains why he is backing David Davis’ campaignThe Sunday Telegraph

One of David Davis’ spin doctors has also promoted ID cards – Independent on Sunday

The former Tory MP who is challenging David Davis – South Wales Echo

Caroline Spelman sacked the secretary who complained about her to the Tory WhipsMail on Sunday

David Cameron is right to say Heathrow hasn’t made case for third runway – Alistair Osborne in The Sunday Telegraph

Profile of Dominic GrieveThe Sunday Times

Yet another reason to leave the EPP

"British MEPs are joining a 200-strong European parliament jaunt to Paris this week, costing the taxpayer up to £200,000.  The three-day trip, organised by the European People’s party (EPP), a centre-right group, will include dinner at the Palais de Versailles and a champagne boat trip down the Seine." – The Sunday Times

"Just to be accused of racism, however unfairly, can get you fired from public life"

Rod Liddle, in The Sunday Times, reflects on the unfair treatment received by James McGrath.

"The second coming of IDS"

"How did the ex-Tory leader become the patron saint of Britain’s inner-city kids?" – A major profile of Iain Duncan Smith’s social justice mission in The Observer

SNP deny Wendy Alexander’s claims that she was treated in a partisan way by ethics committeeBBC

Brown’s unpopularity is putting the Union at risk

"For Brown, the threat is far worse than going down as another unpopular PM with a brief tenure. Instead, he risks being remembered as a figure who was cavalier in unleashing forces which weakened the United Kingdom, and that his mishandled premiership was an agent of the country’s eventual destruction. Labour is going down. The fear is that it takes the Union with it." – Iain Martin in The Sunday Telegraph

Scotland is about to win independence on the web: .sco will replace .uk within Scottish Executive web addresses – Scotland on Sunday

Labour’s donors turn on Gordon BrownThe Sunday Times

Families hit by greatest tax burden since 1991The Sunday Telegraph

Drug and alcohol addiction fuels growth in welfare dependencyMail on Sunday


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