We presumed that Nigel Farage would oppose Boris Johnson’s trade deal.  So it’s only proper to record that he is set not do so.

He says on Twitter that “on the big stuff, the war is over” – a statement as close to an endorsement as the Prime Minister is likely to get from him.  “He’s done what he said he’d do on the big picture,” says the Brexit Party leader, though he adds that Johnson may be judged “a little more harshly” on “some of the detail, like fishing”.

That’s the second time in a year that Farage has helped the Prime Minister out: last December, he withdrew Brexit Party candidates in Conservative-held seats.

His declaration eases the pressure on Tory MPs from their right – crudely speaking, and makes it less likely that they will vote against the agreement – despite the fact that neither they, nor indeed the Brexit Party leaders himself, will yet have read a word of it.  We are not exactly fans of Farage. But we repeat, appropriately enough in a week in which peerages have been announced, that he deserves one.