As its name suggests, ConservativeHome is a home, and it follows that there are house rules for those who enter it – in other words, moderation. These are as follows. Abusive, insulting, racist, homophobic and off-topic posts will be deleted, as will those that are overly long, tangential or simply tedious, and their authors barred from commenting on the site at the editor’s discretion. Potentially actionable remarks and impersonations of another person will result in a ban.

Supporters of other political parties won’t be allowed to colonise the site and the marking system on comments – which is why a number of them have been banned and the system closed. The editors’ verdict is final. There is no right of appeal. The editors are under no obligation to correspond about individual decisions. If you see anything on ConservativeHome that you find objectionable, please alert the editors by using the ‘Report’ link under each comment.