Brexit: Rees-Mogg questions if May wants to leave on our Moggcast…

“Jacob Rees-Mogg has accused Theresa May of preparing a Brexit deal that will make Britain a “vassal state” as senior Conservatives, concerned about the direction of negotiations with Brussels, rumble about a challenge to her leadership in the autumn. Mr Rees-Mogg, head of the European Research Group which counts about 60 Tory MPs as supporters, said the prime minister’s attempts to resolve the Irish border issue were leading her into an EU “trap”. “I fear we’re getting to the point where you wonder whether the government wants to leave at all,” said Mr Rees-Mogg in a podcast for the ConservativeHome website. He said Mrs May’s strategy seemed intended to “gull voters”.” – FT

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  • Unknown leader of Italian coalition could derail Brexit – Douglas Murray, The Sun


…as EU rejects May’s call for ‘time limited’ backstop…

“Brussels has rejected Theresa May’s new customs proposal less than 24 hours after the prime minister set it out in a bid to placate Brexiteers in her cabinet. European Commission officials told The Independent Ms May’s plan would be unacceptable and would go back on previous commitments made by British negotiators. A day earlier the prime minister had said the “backstop” plan to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland – which keeps Britain in alignment with the single market and customs union if no other agreement is reached – would be time limited. The move was an attempt to assuage Brexiteers such as Boris Johnson, who fear that it would become a backdoor way to keep Britain tied indefinitely to the EU through the customs union and single market.” – Belfast Telegraph

  • Gove won’t say if the ‘backstop’ will last weeks or months – Daily Telegraph

…Gove ‘blames Hammond’ for Government’s Lords defeats…

Michael Gove has accused Philip Hammond of being “short-sighted” over Brexit and helping to inflict a “damaging blow” to the Conservative Party’s “environmental credentials”. In a letter to Cabinet colleagues, seen by the Telegraph, the Environment Secretary blames the Treasury for a defeat in the House of Lords last week which could force the Government to retain all EU environmental protections after Brexit. It is understood that the Chancellor blocked plans to give a new post-Brexit environmental watchdog the power to fine the Government and local authorities if they fail to increase recycling and cut pollution. Mr Hammond believes that the proposal risks saddling the country with more regulation which may undermine the country’s competitiveness after Brexit.” – Daily Telegraph

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  • Tyrie will sit as a crossbencher, not a Tory – The Sun
  • Upper house could mushroom to 1,000 peers by 2031 – Daily Telegraph

More Gove:

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>Today: Local Government: The warning from the local elections to Labour MPs seeking to thwart Brexit – or stay in the Customs Union

…and Brexiteers accuse Carney of ‘crying wolf’

“Bank Governor Mark Carney was accused of ‘crying wolf’ today after he claimed households are £900 worse off than they would have been without Brexit. The Bank of England boss said the Britain’s relative slow down compared to other leading economies since 2016 meant people had lost ground. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson led the backlash against the Governor, insisting Brexit had not damaged Britain. While Brexiteer ringleader Jacob Rees-Mogg told MailOnline Mr Carney was ‘crying wolf’. Britain’s economy has grown in every quarter since the June 2016 poll – allowing Brexiteers to claim it has defied grim pre-referendum forecasts of a recession.” – Daily Mail

  • Brussels opens trade talks with Australia and New Zealand – Daily Mail
  • EU breaking promises by freezing UK out of Galileo – Daily Telegraph

Rob Wilson: Like the Millenium Bug, Brexit must be prepared for but has been over-hyped

As we approach the date of EU separation the predictions of a shattering impact to jobs, the economy and our way of life will continue to intensify. Why is this happening? Labour frontbencher, Barry Gardiner, simply told the truth when he suggested that people in his own party and elsewhere are playing up elements of Brexit for political reasons. There is a without question a desire to stop Brexit in its tracks, supported largely by the EU, UK Remain politicians and big business – indeed rumours persist that they are working, if not together, certainly closely. But they have a huge difficulty, how do you overturn the democratic will of 17.5 million UK citizens without turning on democracy itself? The answer is by making the challenge bigger and more impossible than anyone could possibly have imagined, so that the will of the people is snapped on the rock of the sheer scale of the enterprise.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Eight bonkers things I learned during a year filming MEPs – Christian Tumble, Times Red Box

Johnson suggests ‘global Britain’ plane

“Boris Johnson last night suggested a plane decked in Union Flag livery should fly ministers – including him – around the world. The Foreign Secretary complained that he is not allowed to use the RAF Voyager jet reserved for the Queen and the Prime Minister on trips abroad. He suggested ministers could use a new ‘Global Britain’ plane – painted in red, white and blue – to project the nation’s confidence around the world and take advantage of trade opportunities after Brexit. Mr Johnson, who is on a five-day trip to South America, has flown mostly on commercial planes while abroad. His proposal for a ‘Boris Force One’ comes after British officials spent £10million on refitting a Voyager aircraft reserved for the Queen, the Prime Minister, or anyone representing them.” – Daily Mail

  • Foreign Secretary on the hunt for new trade opportunities – Daily Express

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