May says that Britain will withhold ‘hundreds of millions of pounds’ from UN due to waste

“Theresa May warned the United Nations to get their house in order and prove taxpayers cash is not being wasted. And the PM stunned the diplomatic community by revealing Britain is withholding tens of millions in funding to UN agencies until they prove our money will not be misspent. Reading the riot act to the world organisation during her podium speech to its General Assembly, the PM called on it to first win back the UK’s trust before she agrees to release the final 30% of the government’s £2bn in annual contributions. In her podium set piece, Mrs May warned of a global “crisis of faith” that could be disastrous for everyone.” – The Sun

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  • Burmese refugees trapped in no-man’s land – Paul Scully MP, Times Red Box


EU 1) Prime Minister prepares to try to ‘bypass’ EU with speech aimed at national governments…

“Theresa May will make her Brexit pitch over the heads of the European Union’s negotiating team and seek to influence national leaders directly in her speech in Florence tomorrow. The prime minister, who spoke at the UN yesterday, has insisted that any decisions about deals with Britain will be taken by heads of member states in the European Council rather than Michel Barnier and his negotiating team in the European Commission. Sources said that tomorrow’s speech would focus on transition arrangements. Mrs May is expected to give an undertaking that Britain accepts its “moral obligation” and will ensure that other EU nations are not left worse off by Brexit.” – The Times

  • Battle switches from principle to price – FT
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…as Wheeler ‘backs hard Brexit’ to take power back from judges…

“Boris Johnson’s wife threw her support behind a hard Brexit by demanding Britain take back sovereignty from Euro judges.The Foreign Secretary sparked a Tory Party civil war last week after going behind the PM’s back and publishing his own vision for EU withdrawal. BoJo’s wife Marina Wheeler QC has now waded in as Theresa May is set for a showdown with him ahead of her Brexit speech in Italy next week. Writing in The Spectator, the human rights lawyer blasted European judges for poking their noses into issues of national security. She slammed a European Court of Justice bid to force Britain into the bulk collection of communications data.” – The Sun

  • Labour group claim ending free movement will increase exploitation – The Independent
  • Heseltine claims Britain will join the Euro – Daily Express

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…and Timothy criticises Hammond for being too downbeat

“The Treasury’s reluctance to even “mention the positives” of leaving the European Union risks Britain getting a bad Brexit deal, Theresa May’s former chief of staff has warned. Writing for The Telegraph, Nick Timothy says that Philip Hammond’s department has failed to emphasise the “opportunities of Brexit” and accuses the Chancellor of being on “manoeuvres”… Boris Johnson was accused of undermining Mrs May’s Brexit strategy when he set out his own vision in an unauthorised 4,200-word article last week. But Mr Timothy’s article suggests that Mr Hammond’s failure to promote the positives of Brexit has been equally damaging to the Prime Minister.” – Daily Telegraph

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More ministers:

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