Major to tell Supreme Court that Johnson had ‘ulterior motives’ for prorogation

“Sir John Major will compare Boris Johnson to a dishonest estate agent today, saying that he had “ulterior motives” when he prorogued parliament. The former Tory prime minister, whose lawyers will intervene at the Supreme Court, has said in written submissions that Mr Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament was “unlawful”. He argued that Mr Johnson’s justification for prorogation to bring forward a new legislative programme “makes no sense and cannot be the true explanation”. In a clear suggestion that Mr Johnson should not be believed, Sir John wrote that it would be “artificially naive” for the court to accept the prime minister’s stated reasons for the prorogation.” – The Times

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  • Top Tories fear judges will ‘rewrite the constitution’ – The Sun


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…and Cameron lands his own blows as memoir is published today

“David Cameron’s highly-anticipated memoir For The Record is due to hit shelves today, with striking details about his professional and personal life revealed. Here is what we can expect from from the former PM’s book… Cameron tore into Boris Johnson saying he “didn’t believe in” Brexit – and backed it to boost his career. The ex-Tory leader says BoJo threw his weight behind the campaign even though he was “certain the Brexit side would lose”. The former PM says Boris wanted to “become the darling of the party” using the referendum to ensure others, including Michael Gove, did not “win that crown”.” – The Sun

  • ‘Death knows no privilege’ attack on Guardian editorial – Daily Mail
  • He says May ignored his advice on Brexit… – The Times
  • …and admits asking the Queen to make her 2014 Scottish intervention – BBC
  • Osborne blames Cameron for Brexit – Daily Mail

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Hopes for deal rise as DUP ‘soften stance’ on Ulster-only solutions

“Boris Johnson’s hopes of striking a new Brexit deal received a boost after Democratic Unionists softened their stance over Northern Ireland — but the UK prime minister came under fresh EU pressure to table a written plan to break the deadlock. Arlene Foster, DUP leader, signalled her willingness to accept Northern Irish-only solutions to the future of the border with the Irish Republic, provided they did not infringe the region’s constitutional status within the UK. Her remarks, at a business event in Dublin, mark a subtle change of approach to Brexit as she has insisted for many months that Northern Ireland must leave the EU on exactly the same terms as the rest of the UK.” – FT

  • UK and Ireland meet for ‘secret backstop talks’ – Daily Mail
  • Macron gives Johnson 11 days to spell out his plan or risk No Deal – The Sun

More Northern Ireland:

  • Police chief claims hard Brexit would put officers’ lives at risk – The Guardian

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Prime Minister praises NATO ahead of Trump meeting…

“Boris Johnson has praised Nato as the world’s most successful military alliance just days after Donald Trump was accused of weakening the organisation. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, secretary general of the transatlantic alliance from 2009 to 2014, accused the US President of “damaging” Nato with his repeated criticism of the 29-state coalition. President Trump has repeatedly hit out at how Nato is funded, arguing that not enough member states are hitting the target of spending two per cent of GDP on defence. It was reported earlier this year the US President had even privately discussed withdrawing the US from the organisation entirely – a move which would severely weaken the alliance.” – Daily Telegraph

  • He tries to talk the President ‘out of war with Iran’ – The Sun

>Today: Bob Seely MP in Comment: How Iran is seeking to hit the West where it hurts – at the petrol pumps

…and is confronted by angry father on hospital visit…

“Boris Johnson has been confronted by an angry parent over waiting times during a visit to a hospital in North London today. Omar Salem took the Prime Minister to task, saying the NHS was being “destroyed” while his little girl was being treated at the children’s unit in Whipps Cross Hospital. The dad – who describes himself as a Labour activist – claimed there had been “years and years and years of the NHS being destroyed”… Mr Johnson said “there’s no press here” but the parent gestured to cameras filming the confrontation and said: “What do you mean there’s no press here, who are these people?”” – The Sun

  • Corbynistas demand BBC sack Kuenssberg for revealing man to be Labour activist – Daily Express

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