Johnson pledges ‘do or die, come what may’ Brexit on 31st October

‘Boris Johnson has issued a “do or die” pledge to leave the EU with or without a deal on October 31, prompting warnings that his strategy would plunge Britain into a general election and hand the keys of Number 10 to Jeremy Corbyn. Mr Johnson, attempting to relaunch his flagging Conservative leadership bid, doubled down on his hard Brexit strategy, announcing that his campaign would be chaired by leading Eurosceptic Iain Duncan Smith. The frontrunner to become the British prime minister made a series of proposals for a new Brexit deal — all of which have previously been categorically rejected by the EU — and warned that he would execute a no-deal exit if he failed to get his way. In one of a series of interviews, he told Talk Radio that Britain would leave the EU on October 31 “do or die, come what may” and vowed to rip up the EU withdrawal treaty, including the Irish backstop. The former foreign secretary also predicted that with the assistance of some “positive energy” the EU would agree to a standstill trade agreement while Britain negotiated a trade deal that resolved the Irish border issue.’ – FT

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Hunt criticises ‘fake deadline’, and implies his rival is not sufficiently trusted to secure a deal

‘Speaking after a war of words with his Conservative leadership rival, whom Hunt branded a coward for turning down a debate with him on Sky News on Tuesday night, Hunt said 31 October was a “fake deadline” and could lead to a snap general election… He made the comments after Johnson wrote to him asking him to commit to taking the UK out of the EU on 31 October come what may. Hunt said he believed that would be “more likely to trip us into a general election before we’ve delivered Brexit, and that would hand the keys to Jeremy Corbyn and then we’d have no Brexit at all”. Hunt said he believed a new prime minister would know soon whether a new deal was possible. “If there isn’t and if no deal is still on the table I’ve been very clear. I will leave the European Union without a deal,” he said. “But I’m not going to do that if there’s a prospect of a better deal and if I did it, it would be with a heavy heart, because businesses up and down the country would face a lot of destruction.”…“Who is the person that we trust to send to Brussels on behalf of the British people and come back with a deal, and that has to be someone that they trust, that they’re prepared to talk to, because in the end you don’t do a deal with someone you don’t trust,” he said. Hunt said he was not trying to paint his rival as untrustworthy.’ – The Guardian

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Leaving the EU would allow the Government to cut the price of beer in pubs, Norman notes

‘Brexit could make pub beer cheaper by giving the UK more freedom over alcohol taxes, a minister has claimed. Jesse Norman said EU law did not currently allow the Government to levy different rates in pubs to those in supermarkets. Speaking during a Commons debate he said Brexit would provide ‘much greater opportunity to explore creative proposals to redress the balance’. ‘Beer and breweries are an important part of our national life, and the same is of course true for that essential accompaniment, the great British pub,’ he told MPs.’ – Daily Mail

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