Johnson urges judges to ‘stay neutral’ as Supreme Court hearing begins

“Boris Johnson has warned the country’s most senior judges that the courts have “no jurisdiction” over his decision to suspend parliament and they risk “entering the political arena”. The Supreme Court began on Tuesday to hear two appeals relating to the five-week prorogation of parliament, which has been ruled by Scotland’s highest civil court to be an unlawful attempt to dodge MPs’ scrutiny of Brexit. Accusing the Scottish judges of having a “fundamental misconception of how parliament operated”, the prime minister’s written submission said that it would be “constitutionally inappropriate” for the judiciary to intervene.” – The Times

  • The future is one again in the hands of the judiciary – Daily Telegraph
  • Showdown to decide ‘if Prime Minister or MPs is supreme’ – The Times


  • Johnson will recall Parliament if court rules against prorogation, lawyer insists… – Daily Express
  • …but Government refuses to rule out fresh prorogation if it loses – The Guardian


Daniel Finkelstein: The role of the judiciary in our democracy is on trial

“No, the hearings may be seen as a turning point for something else entirely. They may mark the moment Britain stopped being a political democracy restrained by law and became instead a legal democracy tempered by politics. Is our system based on the political decisions made by parliament and the executive in which it places confidence? Or are there laws and arrangements that exist regardless of parliament’s view? In his memoirs, Tony Blair devotes half a sentence to passing the 1998 Human Rights Act and does not even mention that he created the Supreme Court. Yet these may have been the most consequential things of his premiership. They changed the very nature of our democracy.” – The Times

  • Miller’s case gains traction – Adam Cygan, Daily Telegraph
  • Supreme Court is on a journey to the core of democracy – Raphael Hogarth, The Times
  • Business must stand up for the judiciary – Michael Skapinker, FT
  • Why in God’s name is Major trying to disgrace Johnson? – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail

EU backlash grows against the Prime Minister’s ‘discourteous’ treatment by Luxembourg…

“A European diplomatic backlash grew today over the “discourteous” treatment of Boris Johnson by Luxembourg’s prime minister. There are fears it could fuel “animosity” between Britain and the EU at a crucial moment in Brexit talks. Mr Johnson’s decision to cancel a joint press conference in Luxembourg yesterday due to anti-Brexit protests was seized on by Xavier Bettel as a platform for an undiplomatic attack on the Conservative leader. He pointed to empty lectern next to him and accused Mr Johnson of putting party political gain over the interests of his citizens. Norbert Röttgen, a senior Christian Democrat and the chairman of the German parliament’s powerful foreign affairs committee, warned that the incident made a no-deal Brexit more likely.” – The Times


  • Juncker gives ‘hard Brexit warning’ to Europhile MEPs – Daily Express
  • MPs fear Johnson could bypass anti-No Deal legislation – FT
  • Davidson admits to being ‘hopelessly conflicted’ over Brexit – The Guardian


  • Stunt has secured a win for Johnson at the next election – Daniel Hannan MEP, The Sun

>Yesterday: Stephen Booth’s column: Not so long ago, EU leaders hoped Brexit would be stopped. They may now be ready for it to go ahead.

…as he tries to stop EU leaking his proposal for a deal…

“Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposals have not been handed to Eurocrats over fears they will be leaked, it has emerged. Talks with Brussels to secure a new exit settlement will intensify next week with daily discussions between officials. Outlines of possible options to resolve the deadlock have been shown to the European Commission but officials have refused to leave copies of the documents behind. Government sources said they fear the Commission would “fire it at the 27” leaders of EU countries and they would no longer be “in control” of it. “We’ve been going to meetings with papers but not left them behind,” they said. Brussels is demanding solutions to protect the integrity of the single market.” – Daily Express

  • Johnson steps up plans for all-Ireland trade – FT
  • Brussels given draft deal ‘with no backstop’, sources claim – The Guardian
  • Third of Irish farmers risk going bust in No Deal scenario – The Sun


  • How I responded to a child who accused me of ‘ruining their future’ – Bim Afolami MP, Daily Telegraph
  • Brexit tore Cameron and Gove – and our families – apart – Sarah Vine, Daily Mail

>Today: Daniel Hannan MEP’s column: Cameron maligns Brexiteers because he misunderstands them

…and ministers prepare to overhaul tariff plans

“Ministers are poised to overhaul the planned tariff schedule for a no-deal Brexit with deep cuts to proposed duties on heavy trucks after opposition from the haulage industry. The government is expected to announce imminently the full set of charges it will impose on various industries in a no-deal departure from the EU, tweaking an earlier draft that was announced in March by the Cabinet Office. The Road Haulage Association complained vociferously in March when the government said it would impose a 22 per cent charge on the cost of importing a new heavy goods vehicle from mainland Europe in the event of Britain leaving the EU without a deal. That “ludicrous” increase would have amounted to an extra £15,000 on a typical heavy goods vehicle, the RHA complained. ” – FT

  • Truss wants Australia trade deal on ‘day one’ of Brexit – Daily Express
  • Gove to be grilled by supermarket bosses over No Deal planning – Daily Mail

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