Johnson tells Brussels that MPs can’t block no-deal exit…

“Boris Johnson will tell Angela Merkel today that parliament cannot stop Britain leaving the European Union without a deal on October 31. Amid an intensifying row with Brussels, the prime minister will warn the German chancellor over dinner in Berlin that there will be no Brexit agreement unless the EU backs down and agrees to scrap the Irish backstop. The tough approach comes after Leo Varadkar, the Irish prime minister, highlighted attempts by Remainer Tory MPs to stop a no-deal Brexit during a one-hour call with Mr Johnson on Monday night. Downing Street believes that Brussels is unlikely to enter into negotiations over a new agreement while parliamentary attempts to stop a no-deal exit and potentially bring down Mr Johnson’s government continue.” – The Times

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>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Johnson – “If you want a good deal for the UK, you must be ready to come out without one.”

…as he accuses the EU of jeopardising peace in Ulster…

The European Union – not the UK – wants to put up border posts in Northern Ireland after a no-deal Brexit, Boris Johnson said on Tuesday night, in a move which could jeopardise peace in the Province. Leo Varadkar, the Irish prime minister, has repeatedly warned that the return of a hard border in Ireland could lead to violence reminiscent of the Troubles-era… Mr Johnson’s warning came as he prepared to fly to Berlin for supper on Wednesday night with German chancellor Angela Merkelfollowed by lunch in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday before he meets with G7 world leaders at the end of the week. Mr Johnson has made the removal of the backstop – which will keep the UK in a customs union and the single market after Brexit until a solution is found to prevent a hard border  – a central part of getting MPs to approve a withdrawal deal to take the UK out of the EU on Oct 31.” – Daily Telegraph

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>Yesterday: MPs Etc.: “The backstop is anti-democratic” and “risks weakening…the Belfast Agreement”. Johnson’s letter to Tusk. Full Text.

…and prepares to scale back British engagement ahead of departure

“European Union leaders responded with barely concealed anger yesterday to the prime minister’s demand that they abandon the Irish backstop, accusing Boris Johnson of attempting to bluster his way through to a deal. The increasingly bitter row came as the government announced that British officials would stop attending most EU meetings in ten days’ time in order to concentrate on preparations for Brexit. Civil servants and government ministers will now attend meetings of member states only if Britain has a “significant national interest” in the outcome of the discussions, the Brexit department said… The government cited security, international relations and discussions that “directly affect” UK sovereignty and “financial contributions” as meetings that they would still attend.” – The Times

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