May ‘humiliated’ by Europhile rebels…

“Humiliated Theresa May is heading to Brussels today for a crucial summit with EU leaders hours after Tory rebel MPs handed her a undignified defeat by voting to let parliament have a say on the final Brexit deal before it’s agreed. Eleven Conservative MPs last night voted to give the Commons a ‘meaningful’ vote over any Brexit agreement with the EU, despite government pleas to let ministers retain control. The rebel MPs were said to be jubilant with former education secretary Nicky Morgan boasting: ‘Tonight Parliament took control of the EU Withdrawal process’. The government was defeated by a margin of four votes, losing 309 to 305 and Labour MPs joined the rebels in cheering and applauding as the extraordinary result was announced last night.” – Daily Mail

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>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: EU Withdrawal Bill. Grieve’s amendment is carried and the Government is defeated

…as she heads to Brussels for ‘key summit’

“Theresa May will attend a key EU summit on Thursday, just hours after her authority was diminished by a humiliating House of Commons defeat in a major Brexit vote. Tory rebels helped defeat the Government and ensure there will be a “meaningful vote” on the withdrawal deal. EU leaders are preparing to rubber-stamp the decision to move Brexit negotiations forward to trade talks and the prime minister will hope Wednesday night’s defeat does not damage EU leaders’ confidence in her ability to lead talks.” – ITV

  • Brussels reacts with delight to rebel triumph- The Times

Nick Timothy: May really does want ‘Canada Plus’, and should get it

“Since Britain voted to leave the EU, she has hated the suggestion that we must choose between a hard and soft Brexit. Her view was not formed out of political necessity, because her party is divided, but because she believes it is a false dichotomy. She finds hard Brexit unacceptable, because of the economic risks that departure without a deal would cause. Likewise, she believes that soft Brexit – the idea that we should try to recreate EU membership, remaining inside the single market and customs union – would be a betrayal of the referendum result. She also knows that it would leave our economy, particularly the City, at the mercy of new EU regulations, with which we would have to comply but over which we would have no say.” – Daily Telegraph

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  • Securing a standstill deal is strongly in the UK’s interest – Nicky Morgan MP, Daily Telegraph
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Miller’s QC says that judiciary are concerned about future ECJ relationship

“Judges fear being dragged into political controversy by provisions in the Brexit bill that allow them to take account of rulings of the European Court of Justice after the UK leaves, a QC has warned. The EU Withdrawal Bill makes clear that domestic courts will no longer be bound by new ECJ rulings after Brexit. Where appropriate, however, they will be able to consider the court’s findings on EU laws which have been “retained” by the UK. Lord Pannick, a crossbench peer and barrister, warned that this could expose judges to political challenges from both supporters and critics of the EU and suggested it may be better to state that UK courts should normally follow the judgments of the ECJ.” – The Times

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Cameron attacks Trump over fake news

“Donald Trump’s attacks on the media are undermining western democracy and facilitating Russia’s attempts to spread anti-western propaganda, David Cameron has said. In his first public speech in the UK since leaving office last year, the former prime minister said the US president’s “fake news” attacks on news broadcasters were dangerous and helped deflect scrutiny away from President Putin. “When Donald Trump uses the term ‘fake news’ to describe CNN and the BBC, that is not just a questionable political tactic. It’s actually dangerous,” Mr Cameron told a conference organised by the anti-corruption agency Transparency International last night.” – The Times

Gove accused of ignoring China’s recycling ban

“Michael Gove has been accused of ignoring warnings of a crisis in plastic recycling after documents revealed that his department was told three months ago of the severe impact from China’s ban on imports of “foreign garbage”. The environment secretary told MPs last month that he did not know what effect the ban, due to start next month, would have and that he had not given it “sufficient thought”. More than half the plastic waste that the UK exports for recycling was sent to China last year. Beijing said in July that it would ban imports of 24 grades of plastic, paper and textiles because they were often contaminated with dirty or hazardous material.” – The Times

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