Juncker indicates that deal may be possible…

“Jean-Claude Juncker said yesterday that Britain and the EU could agree a new Brexit deal free from the Irish backstop after Boris Johnson formally tabled new proposals in Brussels. In an attempt to begin bridging differences between the two sides, three papers were sent to the European Commission outlining Britain’s draft plans to avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland. The first outlined Downing Street’s offer to create a single all-Ireland food and agricultural zone with checks on produce at ports on the Irish Sea. In the second, plans were outlined for a surveillance system to prevent goods entering EU markets that did not comply with European standards.” – The Times

  • Johnson ‘to defy Brussels’ deadline’ for publishing his plans – The Sun
  • MPs would have to choose between the Deal, or No Deal – Daily Telegraph
  • Sterling gains on the back of Juncker’s remarks – FT
  • Labour MPs urged not to back a deal – The Guardian
  • Speaker warns Johnson that Benn Act is ‘non-negotiable’ – Daily Mail


  • It would be political suicide for Varadkar to back down – Peter Foster, Daily Telegraph
  • Downing Street will keep raising the stakes – Joe Moor, Times Red Box

>Today: David Shiels in Comment: Will the DUP move?

>Yesterday: Henry Hill’s Red, White, and Blue column: Belief that DUP are softening their position raises hopes of Brexit deal

…as Barclay warns that Brussels isn’t prepared for No Deal

“EU countries are unprepared for Britain leaving the bloc without a deal next month, the Brexit secretary claimed yesterday, as he called for a “creative and flexible” approach to negotiations. Stephen Barclay said that Ireland could suffer shortages of medicines and food while businesses in other EU countries would face significant disruption. He questioned claims by the European Commission that the EU was fully prepared for a chaotic Brexit, warning that there was a difference “between having legislation in place and operational preparedness”… Sources close to him insisted that he was not trying to be provocative and that he believed a deal could be struck.” – The Times

  • He says Barnier will be held responsible – The Sun
  • BBC says it needs more time to grill the Prime Minister – The Times


  • Banks move just 1,000 jobs despite exodus fears – The Times
  • Employers ‘not ready’ for Brexit immigration regime – FT
  • Hard Brexit would cut clothes prices, says Next boss – The Times
  • Japan trade accord becomes UK’s post-Brexit priority – FT

Bercow ‘could be given power to recall Parliament’

John Bercow, the Speaker, could be given the power to recall Parliament against Boris Johnson’s wishes if the Prime Minister loses a court case over prorogation and fails to comply. The Supreme Court will announce next week whether the five-week prorogation was unlawful, but there was confusion on Thursday over who will recall MPs, and when, if the Government loses the case. There are five possible decisions the court could make, ranging from an acceptance that judges have no right to intervene in prorogation to a ruling that Parliament has not been legally prorogued and is therefore still in session. The Prime Minister indicated in a written submission to the court that he would comply with an order to recall Parliament if the court found against him, but did not specify when it would be recalled.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Miller’s team suggest plan to use Speakers to bypass Johnson – The Times


  • Major compares Johnson to councillors ‘kicking out gypsies’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Ex-Prime Minister is accused of hypocrisy after proroguing himself – The Sun
  • Johnson provides a test for the British constitution – FT


  • Ex-premier’s blistering broadside stole the show – Adam Cygan, Daily Telegraph
  • Major should stop trying to derail Brexit – Jonathan Isaby, The Times
  • Our democracy will be richer for the Supreme Court’s ruling – Jack Simson Caird, Times Red Box


  • Unelected judges blocking Brexit is constitutional vandalism – The Sun

>Yesterday: Interviews: Laing, candidate for Speaker: It’s “extraordinary” that whoever holds the office “is totally unaccountable”.

Cameron rebuked over Royal revelations

“David Cameron has received an unprecedented rebuke from the Queen for revealing that he asked her to intervene in the Scottish referendum. Buckingham Palace made clear its “displeasure and annoyance” that the former prime minister disclosed details of private conversations with her about sensitive constitutional issues. The speed and public nature of the Palace’s criticism is thought to reflect growing concern in royal circles that the Queen is being dragged into political battles over Brexit and prorogation. There are fears that the confidentiality of the relationship between monarch and prime minister is being undermined at such a volatile time.” – The Times

  • Sturgeon signals that Her Majesty should stay out of future vote – The Guardian
  • Anger mounts as more details are revealed – Daily Mail


  • A lazy admission which will do lasting damage to national unity – Matt Kilcoyne, Daily Telegraph
  • Officials at the Palace will be raising eyebrows – Matt Chorley, The Times
  • The Queen relies on her ministers’ discretion – Richard Kay, Daily Mail

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