Former Tory leadership contender Sam Gyimah has joined the Liberal Democrats

“Boris Johnson has suffered a fresh blow as the former Tory universities minister Sam Gyimah dramatically defected to the Liberal Democrats, accusing the prime minister of “veering towards populism and English nationalism”. In a major coup for the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson at the start of her party’s annual conference, Gyimah said he had left the Conservatives to fight against the government’s “scorched earth approach” to delivering Brexit regardless of the cost to the country. Announcing his defection exclusively to the Observer as his new party gathered in Bournemouth, Gyimah said centrists were being “cast out of both main parties”. The East Surrey MP called on them to unite and fight back against the drift to the extremes.” – The Observer

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Tougher sentences for child killers to be imposed

“Killers of young children will never be released from prison under Boris Johnson’s dramatic plans to ensure that “life means life” and the most violent
offenders remain behind bars for ever. The Telegraph can disclose that Downing Street will use the prorogation of Parliament to relaunch the Prime Minister’s domestic policy agenda by unveiling a tough new approach to criminal justice. For the first time, murderers of pre-school children will be subject to whole-life orders, while Mr Johnson’s administration is also considering increasing minimum tariffs for other types of killings. Mr Johnson will use the Queen’s Speech to announce a new Sentencing Bill and plans to introduce statutory instruments – allowing the provisions of an Act to be subsequently brought into force without Parliament having to pass a new Act – in the week of Oct 14.” – Sunday Telegraph

Johnson “didn’t believe in Brexit”, claims Cameron

“Boris Johnson “didn’t believe in” Brexit and backed the leave campaign only to “help his political career”, David Cameron has declared, attacking the prime minister’s motives as he does battle with Brussels over a new deal. In a withering takedown of Johnson, Cameron accuses the leaders of the leave campaign of declaring “open warfare” on him and says they were guilty of “lying” to the public to win the referendum. In exclusive extracts from his memoir published today in The Sunday Times, Cameron brands Michael Gove a “foam-flecked Faragist” for his claims that millions of Turks could move to the UK. And he criticises Gove’s decision to abandon their friendship to vote leave before knifing Johnson during his first leadership bid. “As for Michael, one quality shone through: disloyalty. Disloyalty to me and, later, disloyalty to Boris,” Cameron writes.” – Sunday Times

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Facebook removes altered Conservative advertisement

“Facebook has removed a Conservative Party advert which misrepresented a BBC News story. The ad carried a BBC logo and headline saying “£14 billion pound cash boost for schools” – despite the story it linked to putting the figure at £7.1bn. The social media giant say the Tories had “misused” its advertising platform and it was working to stop headlines being changed in this way. The party has said it is reviewing the way its Facebook adverts are produced. The advert started running on 2 September following a government announcement on new funding for primary and secondary schools in England.” – BBC

PM insists he can ignore Commons vote without breaking the law…

“Boris Johnson today tells Brussels that Britain will break out of its ‘manacles’ like The Incredible Hulk if a Brexit deal cannot be struck by October 31. In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, the Prime Minister says that if negotiations break down, he will ignore the Commons vote ordering him to delay the UK’s departure, adding: ‘The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets.’….If he fails to strike a deal, Mr Johnson is adamant that he will not obey Parliament’s order to ask the EU to extend Article 50. He has said that he would rather ‘die in a ditch’ than do so. No 10 strategists say they have devised a secret plan, known only to the PM and three key advisers, which they claim will allow them to ignore the order without breaking the law – although most legal experts are sceptical that such a ruse could work.” – Mail on Sunday

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…while Remainer MPs “plot to revoke Article 50”

“Remainer MPs are secretly plotting to revoke Article 50 and stop the UK leaving the European Union at the end of next month, the Government warned on Saturday night. If no deal can be agreed with EU leaders by October, Downing Street sources say a “Remain alliance” of MPs in the Commons will try to force through new legislation to stop Brexit altogether….New concerns have also emerged about the conduct of John Bercow, the House of Commons speaker, who went further than before in criticising the Government’s Brexit policy.” – Sunday Telegraph

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