I’m not at all sure that George W.Bush would always have polled well among Conservative Party members, so Donald Trump’s lack of emphatic support among them is perhaps not all that surprising.

Indeed, he is recovering his position, if our monthly survey is anything to go by.  In August, we asked whether Party member respondents would rather he or Hillary Clinton won America’s presidental election.

She took 46 per cent to his 17 per cent – further evidence, were it needed, that this site’s readers are not the knuckle-draggers that some tend to assume.

Seventeen per cent, by coincidence or otherwise, say that they are very pleased that he won in our latest survey.  Twenty-seven per cent say that they are pleased.  So that’s 44 per cent on the plus side of the ledger for Trump.

Meanwhile, 17 per cent are very displeased – those those with the strongest feelings cancel themselves out.  To that total, add 14 per cent who are simply displeased, and one thus finds 31 per cent, the best part of a third, unhappy with his victory.

The rest refuse to make up their minds yet, if ever.  We had 851 replies to the survey overall, with only two respondents skipping the question.  Love him or loathe him, America’s president-elect gets people going.