It may be that the EU referendum turns into a plebsicite on immigration.  But as this site has previously argued, it is more likely to turn on the broader question of risk: on whether Remain or Leave is the bigger risk our prosperity, security, jobs, living standards and families’ future.

ConservativeHome thus presents, in this week that opens the month that could decide the date, the Risks of Remain – a brief mini-series probing some of the main risks of staying in the EU.  Today, Mark Wallace writes about bigger bills, taxed and billions in bailouts.  Tomorrow, I will write about the risk of even more uncontrolled immigration.  And on Wednesday, John Redwood will write about the threat of further losses of control and democracy.

We have previously identified five main benefits of Brexit: fewer politicians, better immigration control, more money for public services and tax cuts, a stronger economy and global engagement.  But since risk will be important come the referendum, it’s important to point out that, contrary to the reassurances of some, they also apply to remaining.


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