Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 06.37.00Yesterday saw a bit of push by Remain, with an article by and an interview with Stuart Rose, the Chairman of Britain Stronger in Europe.  Today brings news that six Conservative MPs from last May’s new intake are to support Leave.  It is also reported that Poland’s Government is willing to offer David Cameron support for a welfare deal in exchange for his backing for permanent NATO bases in Poland.  And since last month’s ConservativeHome survey, there has been a mass of EU renegotiation and referendum-based news (including a European summit, no less).

None of it seems to have made any significant difference to Party members’ view.  Last month, 24 per cent said that they are likely to vote for Remain and 71 per cent for Leave.  The month before that, the respective figures were the same.  This month, Leave comes in at 67 per cent and Remain at 25 per cent.  Once again, the consistency of the poll is demonstrated – which should be borne in mind if answers to other questions in the survey we will publish this week show any significant changes.