What a year 2015 turned out to be. Twelve months ago, the polls gave Ed Miliband’s Labour a slim lead, and it was a bold observer who predicted a majority Conservative Government.

The year ahead is set to be hugely compelling. Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan will face off in the London Mayoral election. The Welsh and Scottish Conservatives will be out to gain ground in their respective devolved elections, and Ruth Davidson’s fight against the SNP will be draw particular attention. Thousands of councillors will face the ballot box. Jeremy Corbyn’s war with his own parliamentary party looks set to intensify. The Prime Minister’s EU renegotiation ought to conclude, and we may, at last, get a referendum on our membership of that wasteful, anti-democratic organisation. Following that referendum, there could well be a Conservative leadership election.

In short, if you were hoping for a rest after a hectic 2015 then you might have to wait a while yet. ConservativeHome will, of course, be there to cover every twist and turn of events.

Just as the last year was a bumper one for political events, it was a bumper period for this site. We were read by 1,819,515 unique users, who visited a total of 6,690,824 times, and who viewed a total of 11,397,134 pages. That’s no mean feat for a political site with a small editorial team – so thank you, and Happy New Year, to all of our readers.