151130 Cabinet league table

The latest Cabinet League Table is pasted above. Here’s the usual set of observations:

  • Feldman’s fall… Writing of the Mark Clarke allegations on Sunday, Paul Goodman said that the buck stops with Lord Feldman – and it seems as though party members think similarly. The chairman’s has had 52.9 points shaved off his rating, and lost 9 places in the process, since last month. Not only is this the largest one-month fall we’ve ever recorded, but it also yields the first negative rating of this Parliament. Back in the day, it tended to be only Lib Dem ministers who came out negative.
  • …and Halfon. Lord Feldman isn’t the only one caught up in the Clarke story. Robert Halfon has shed 44.7 points and 24 places since last month. He now sits second-bottom.
  • No change for Osborne. Last month, you may remember, George Osborne’s tax credit cuts brought him down from first to eighth in the table. What’s happened now that he’s reversed those cuts? The answer isn’t encouraging for the Chancellor. Despite the Autumn Statement, his rating is as good as unchanged. It was 48.8. Now it’s 48.9.
  • IDS returns to the top. Four bullet-points in, and we haven’t even mentioned that Iain Duncan Smith tops the table with a rating of 80.5. It’s the first time he has done so since March. The welfare cuts have obviously harmed the Chancellor – but the Work and Pensions Secretary has managed to keep his distance from them.
  • May soars again. And it’s also a good league table for Theresa May. Her trend, over the past year or so, has been a downwards one – but no longer. She’s gained a mighty 15.1 points, and four places, since last month. Could it be her response to the Paris attacks? Or could she just be capitalising from her leadership rivals’ pains? You filled in the survey, ConHome readers. You can reveal your working in the comments section.

> Almost 700 party members responded to the survey.