Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 06.13.45The views below our ToryDiary yesterday supporting air strikes against ISIS in Syria were mixed.  But the view of this site’s Party member readers as a whole remains unambiguous – a reminder yet again that the two groups of people are not to be confused.

When we last asked whether Britain should launch these raids, back in July, 79 per cent of Party member respondents favoured them, and 15 per cent were opposed. Now, those figures are 78 per cent and 16 per cent – more evidence, were it needed, of the consistency of ConservativeHome’s regular survey.

Party member readers are also not to be confused with other ConHome readers.  Very often, their views are similar.  Not this time round.  53 per cent of all those who responded to the survey support strikes, while 40 per cent are opposed.  MPs vote on the issue tomorrow evening.