Yellow Bastard of the Year

It’s pretty overwhelming: Vince Cable has dominated the stakes this year to be voted the Yellow B**tard of the Year, with a stonking 56 per cent of the vote. That’s a staggering rise on last year, when he seized the crown from Nick Clegg with 31 per cent.

The Lib Dem leader may be disappointed to learn that his share of the vote among Conservative party members fell to a mere 18 per cent. Meanwhile, Norman Baker’s flounce out and denunciation of the Tories only secured him 14 per cent of your votes.

Tim Farron (9 per cent) and Simon Hughes (a meagre 3.5 per cent) brought up the rear, and both will no doubt be hoping that 2015 offers them a greater opportunity to be a thorn in the Conservatives’ collective side.

Among the wider readership, the order was the same. When we include non-Tory members, you apparently feel a little better about Cable (50.4 per cent), somewhat more hostile to Clegg (24 per cent), and almost exactly as ambivalent about Baker (12.5 per cent), Farron (8.4 per cent) and Hughes (5 per cent).