Here is the latest Cabinet League Table, drawn from our November survey of Conservative Party members – including each individual’s movement up or down the table since last month, their overall approval rating and the monthly rise or fall in that rating:

1. (Up 1) Iain Duncan Smith +79.61 (Up 4.21)

2. (Up 1) Michael Gove +78.95 (Up 7.36)

3. (Down 2) George Osborne +75.34 (Down -0.1)

4. (No Change) William Hague  +70.38 (Up 1.42)

5. (Up 1) Jeremy Hunt +68.82 (Up 4.8)

6. (Down 1) Theresa May  +64.19 (Down -2.8)

7. (Up 3) Philip Hammond +62.9 (Up 9.36)

8. (Down 1) Michael Fallon +61.25 (Up 2.9)

9. (Down 1) Sajid Javid +60.77 (Up 2.9)

10. (Down 1) Chris Grayling  +53.66 (Down -3.02)

11. (NC) Esther McVey +48.63 (Up 2.25)

12. (NC) David Cameron +46.54 (Up 4.96)

13. (Up 1) Francis Maude +44.67 (Up 7.43)

14. (Down 1) Eric Pickles +42.89 (Up 2.36)

15. (Up 4) Patrick McLoughlin +35.47 (Up 7.21)

16. (Down 1) Nicky Morgan +34.24 (Down 2.05)

17. (Up 1) Theresa Villiers +32.12 (Up 3.79)

18. (Up 4) Greg Clark +29.26 (Up 6.61)

19. (Up 2) Jeremy Wright +27.94 (Up 0.87)

20. (Down 3) Elizabeth Truss +27.3 (Down 1.91)

21. (Down 1) Danny Alexander +26.92 (Down -0.74)

22. (Down 6) Grant Shapps +25.98 (Down -3.48)

23. (NC) Stephen Crabb +22.86 (Up 1.31)

24. (NC) Baroness Stowell +21.27 (Up 1.41)

25. (NC) Matthew Hancock +21.13 (Up 2.53)

26. (NC) Oliver Letwin +16.44 (Up 1.45)

27. (NC) Justine Greening +16.43 (Up 4.67)

28. (NC) Alistair Carmichael +5.19 (Up 5.19)

29. (NC) David Laws -1.06 (Up 2.91)

30. (NC) Ed Davey -54.03 (Down -5.66)

31. (NC) Nick Clegg -66.02 (Down -3.88)

32. (NC) Vince Cable -79.63 (Down -4.49)

Mayor of London: Boris Johnson +79.56 (Up 0.51%)

There are a number of interesting changes to note:

  • George Osborne has lost his position at the top of the table – from July he held the lead for four months, pipping IDS by 0.04 percentage points in October before being overtaken again this time. The Welfare Secretary has regained the lead he lost earlier in the year – becoming more popular even than Boris.
  • Gove has climbed rapidly, adding eleven points in two months. It seems party members aren’t blaming the Chief Whip for the departure of Mark Reckless and Douglas Carswell – or that they assess Gove on a wider role in the party than his whipping job.
  • May continues to slip. In September, the Home Secretary slipped from third to fourth. In October, her approval rating held steady but she fell another place in the league table. Now she has slipped again to sixth place. This isn’t a blip any more – perhaps those negative headlines on the immigration targets are taking their toll, though it she still holds the lead in the stakes to be next party leader.
  • Coalition split deepens. Aside from Danny Alexander, long the Tories’ favourite Lib Dem, our Coalition partners still hold the bottom five places on the board. Alistair Carmichael’s fluctation may well be due to the Scottish referendum – in September his approval rating fell to zero, and has now bounced back into the low positive figures. Davey, Clegg and Cable continue to plumb ever deeper chasms of disapproval.
  • Shapps the Yo-Yo. Over the Summer, the Party Chairman’s approval rating sat at around +22. In October that leapt to almost +30, and has now fallen back to +26. What could be behind the volatility? Perhaps the mixture of positive news about party membership on the one hand and the increasingly depressed mood about the Rochester and Strood by-election.
  • Contented Conservatives. Of the 26 Tory members of the Cabinet, 20 enjoyed a rise in their approval rating – some of them very sizeable indeed. With an election a few months away, and continued challenges from UKIP, that’s an encouraging sign that the grassroots are pulling together.

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