Technically, he has a get-out; he said “probably”.  And since one can never quite be sure what the Mayor will do next it is, I suppose, possible that he may seek to slide a step back from yesterday’s three strides forward.

But it looks more and more as though, forced to choose, the irresistible force has bowed to the irresistible object.  Boris has decided that he dare not risk missing out on a 2015 Conservative leadership contest – and recognised that he needed to make his choice before the coming Party Conference.

This site has long called for him to close down the risk of disrupting that conference with speculation about his future, make a decision – and return to the Commons at the next election. By acting in line with that advice, the Mayor has ensured that it’s win-win for him, David Cameron, the Party and the country.

If Cameron is Prime Minister after next May, Boris can serve in Cabinet when his mayoral term ends.  And if he isn’t, Boris can contest the consequent leadership election, as he has every right to do.   After all, he repeatedly comes in first or second in this site’s polls among Party members of future leaders.

But all that is for another day.  Whatever happens, he will now be out on the campaign trail until next May, reaching the voters that other Conservative politicians can’t reach.  For the moment, that is all we know on earth, or need to know.








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