Michael Gove has just delivered a statement in the House of Commons about Ofsted’s investigation into allegations of extremism in schools in Birmingham, and is now answering questions from MPs.

We’ll be analysing the full debate when it finishes later this afternoon. For now, though, here are the Ofsted reports into the five schools which are being put into special measures:

Park View, Golden Hillock and Nansen form part of the Park View Educational Trust, which has been widely scrutinised in the press. Saltley is run by Birmingham City Council, while Oldknow is an academy in its own right.

The reports into the five schools make for interesting and sometimes shocking reading – from spending school funds on private investigators to read the emails of senior staff, to evidence of a school trip which excluded non-Muslim pupils, to governors “endeavouring to promote a particular and narrow faith-based ideology in what is a maintained and non-faith academy.”

Read alongside the letter from Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted, who reports a “culture of fear and intimidation” and claims of “an organised campaign to target certain schools in Birmingham”, it’s a deeply troubling picture.