Louise Mensch is an author and columnist, and a former Conservative MP.

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough political reading, don’t think you are limited to ConservativeHome (essential though it is) and Twitter.

We have a bunch of new kids on the blogging block to compete with the grandies of Guido Fawkes (now expanded to Media Guido and Gaia Fawkes – I preferred his original title, Guido Fracks).

  • Campaign Watch comes up with great video hits –  such as this one of Tristam Hunt being caught out by Andrew Neil on Sure Start figures.
  • Platform 10 is good from the progressive side of the party – I agree with Andrew Thorpe-Apps’s piece saying that we need more emotion with our ‘Long Term Economic Plan’.
  • The Spectator’s Coffee House is very right wing and independent,  Fraser Nelson takes no prisoners. I like Daily Telegraph piece on how David Cameron should embrace foodbanks as examples of a generous ‘Big Society’, despite there not being an absolute need for them. Here’s another article from him, this time from Coffee House itself, on why Ed Miliband needed a big win in the debate – and the election is now his to lose.

There are also a couple of new anonymous blogs worth checking out.

My favourite is Pestminster, which has some cracking stories on Nigel Farage being absent from South Thanet. The latest one catches him pretending to make an announcement in South Thanet when he actually did it at his local George and Dragon, in Downe 70 miles from the seat!

Publicly Inconvenient is another good policy blog. (See ‘Red Ed confirms our worst nightmares’.)

And of course, for polling and US news, Political Betting and Drudge Report are must-reads on a daily basis.

If anybody knows any more, please let me know!