“I take the war list and I run down it.” (Master of Caius, Chariots of Fire)

Gavin Barwell, a front-runner for promotion to the Cabinet, and a real talent. Julian Brazer, brave, kind, a former Minister – and caught in a student tsunami last week.  David Burrowes, one of the few Conservative politicians with a real feel for families policy, and the nicest man one could hope to meet.  Jane Ellison, the woman Minister most likely to move upwards.  Ben Gummer, who will now unfairly be dumped on for all the failures the Conservative campaign, and who could have served with distinction at Justice.  Stewart Jackson, my old comrade from the Shadow CLG team.  Charlotte Leslie, a former columnist for this site, a devoted servant of her constituents, under-utilised by the Party. David Nuttall, Brexit stalwart.  Edward Timpson, who defied the electoral odds in Crewe and Nantwich for so long.  Rob Wilson, seasoned operator.  James Wharton, the man who introduced the first EU referendum Bill…

ConservativeHome has a list in full, and there are so many others who could be named. Some of the above I know very well, others less well, some scarcely at all.  But all made a real contribution to public and they, plus those not named above, should be honoured this morning.

Some Tory MPs who lost their seats after the 2015 election felt strongly that neither Downing Street, CCHQ nor the Whips Office pulled their finger out to help them make the transition from Parliament to life outside.  All three must do better this time.