Almost six months on from the EU referendum, we present a mini-series on five people who helped to shape the result.

Writing and speaking are part of Daniel Hannan’s self-realisation, and he was disappointed to miss out on the TV EU referendum debates – as Tim Shipman’s All Out War, the best guide to the campaign to date, makes clear.

But I’m not at all sure that the Vote Leave maestros were wrong to select the spokespeople they did: Gisela Stuart, Boris Johnson, Andrea Leadsom.  Our columnist is a bit marmite-flavoured, and TV is a bland medium.

Either way, Daniel’s work had largely been done by the time he took his eloquence and imagination to a hundred town halls (since the big debates weren’t open to him).  Johnson and Michael Gove were bigger figures in the campaign; Iain Duncan Smith and John Redwood have contributed just as much over the years.

But I put Daniel ahead of all four because of his specific pressure for a referendum, for which he pressed relentlessly, in print and out.  He did more than any other Conservative to make the weather that made it happen.

For this, he makes my top five.  You can have your own say in our end of year survey, which is published this morning.  Tomorrow, I will turn to someone from a different political party.