Reports claim that Nick Timothy has been instrumental in the sudden Hinkley Point review, and a column that he wrote for this site is much quoted in this context.

We thus re-issue below our summary of it from our recent series about his columns entitled “The Wit and Wisdom of Nick Timothy”, complete with a link to the original article, published last October.

On Chinese Contracts

“During Xi’s visit to London, the two governments will sign deals giving Chinese state-owned companies stakes in the British nuclear power stations planned for Hinkley Point in Somerset and Sizewell in Suffolk. It is believed that the deals could lead to the Chinese designing and constructing a third nuclear reactor at Bradwell in Essex. Security experts – reportedly inside as well as outside government – are worried that the Chinese could use their role to build weaknesses into computer systems which will allow them to shut down Britain’s energy production at will.

“For those who believe that such an eventuality is unlikely, the Chinese National Nuclear Corporation – one of the state-owned companies involved in the plans for the British nuclear plants – says on its website that it is responsible not just for “increasing the value of state assets and developing the society” but the “building of national defence.” MI5 believes that “the intelligence services of…China…continue to work against UK interests at home and abroad.”” – October 2015

ConHome summary: Compromising our security for the sake of trade is a fool’s bargain.