Lost: One ConservativeHome columnist, last seen on these pages on June 14th.

Appearance: Thoughtful mien, Archimandrite-type beard, Aston Villa scarf.

Reward: Please e-mail Lord Ashcroft with your opening offer via the ConHome contact details.


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Businessmen, diplomats, lobbyists, environmentalists, bishops, poets, athletes, aid workers, air hostesses,  inhabitants of Love Island…all now want to know what Nick Timothy, Theresa May’s former Special Adviser and thinker-in-chief, now safety ensconsed in Number Ten, thinks.

Let us lend a helping hand.  Here he is in his own words.  More coming as we roll through the day.

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On Aston Villa

“So what can this sorry story teach us about politics?  The first lesson is that, in all forms of life, accountability and good governance are paramount…Second, the rules that govern markets can be unfair.  The finances of the Premier League – and of football in Europe in general – are rigged in favour of the clubs established at the top…The third lesson of Villa’s demise is that there is a clash between market forces and important institutions that serve many local communities.  The Premier League is a hyper-competitive market, with clubs owned by wealthy foreign investors, huge TV revenues and, for those teams playing in the Champions League, even greater income.  Clubs compete with one another over a series of marginal factors, from marketing revenues, to gate receipts, to scouting networks, to players’ fitness and team tactics.  Those that fail to keep up – as Villa have – risk oblivion, and the communities they serve suffer.  The Premier League is an exciting market place, watched the world over, but since it was created, great English football institutions, including Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds United and Nottingham Forest have found themselves chewed up and spat out.  My fear is that Villa are the next in line to suffer the same fate.” – April 19

ConHome summary: Markets matter – but must be fair.

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