The shortlist is as follows:

  • Pamela Hall is a councillor in Chester, where she is a member of the Corporate Scrutiny Committee and a Charter Trustee.  She works in Human Resources and fought Liverpool West Derby at the last election.  She is on Twitter as @pamelachester and has activities tagged here by Chester Conservatives. She “enjoys hill-walking, skiing and running”.
  • Marco Longhi is a councillor in Walsall, and a member of the council’s Corporate Scrutiny Performance Panel and its Social Care Panel.  He blogs here and is on Twitter as @marcolonghi, where he describes himself as: “Pelsall Cllr. Want to make things happen for local people. Getting fatter and balder. Views own etc etc.”
  • Wendy Morton is a former Chairman of the Richmond Association, and was on the long list for seat during the recent selection.  Her website is here.  She runs an electronics company with her husband, fought Tynemouth at the 2010 General Election and writes on her site that she enjoys (inter alia) delivering Christmas cards.
  • Adrian Pepper is Chief Executive of Pepper Media and a director of SRU.  His website is here.  He was a candidate in the South East region during this year’s Euro-elections, has fought two Parliamentary elections and was a special adviser when she was Health Secretary. He “has two children, who are being raised with British values to face a global future”.

The seat is currently held by Sir Richard Shepherd, who won a majority of 15,256 at the last election, and is retiring.