Congratulations to Nigel Huddleston, who won tonight’s Open Primary in Mid Worcestershire in the second round of voting. Here’s the biog we put together when he was shortlisted last week:

  • As the Conservative candidate in Luton South at the last election, Huddleston halved the Labour majority and had the unexpected experience of Esther Rantzen entering the race as an Independent. Currently the Industry Head for Travel at Google, he is a long-standing member of the Tory Reform Group and has had a taste of US politics, too, volunteering in the recall campaign which saw Arnold Schwarzenegger become Governor of California. In recent weeks he has made the Croydon South longlist, and the final four in Newark.

Commiserations to the other three candidates, Vicky Atkins, Ed Argar and Nusrat Ghani.

Should anyone be after a run-down of the topics which came up and the candidates’ responses, Mark Goodge, the Mayor of Evesham, live tweeted the event here.

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