Cllr Lindsey Cawrey (member for Lincoln City’s Boultham Ward) has announced that she will join the Conservative Group on the County Council with immediate effect.

Cllr. Lindsey Cawrey said:

"I have become disenchanted with the Labour government and I can no longer remain in the Labour Party that I have served for the past six years. It has taken many months to align my conscience with my actions, however, I regret to say that I no longer feel comfortable in a Party led by Gordon Brown.  My decision was based on my inability to reconcile my conscience with the ‘leadership’ of Gordon Brown, the current government’s lack of direction, its lack of positive leadership and its refusal to listen to the people of the country.

"My ideals and principles are now more in-line with the Conservatism of David Cameron.  Therefore, I have made the decision to join the Conservative Party from where I feel better able to serve the best interests of the people of Lincolnshire.

"I shall not be standing again in the County Council seat of Lincoln Boultham at the next County Council election in 2008."

Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, Cllr. Martin Hill OBE, today (12 November 2008) commented:

"I warmly welcome Lindsey as a member of the
Lincolnshire County Council Conservative Group.  For a long period I
have been impressed by her commitment to Lincolnshire, and, in
particular, to environmental matters, as well as her effective chairing
of the Scrutiny Development Committee.

"Like millions of people, Lindsey has become totally
disillusioned by the Labour Party under the ‘leadership’ of Gordon
Brown.   It is to her great credit, that she has decided to have the
courage of her convictions, and will not seek re-election in the County
Council elections in June as a Labour candidate, but will be part of a
winning Conservative Party.

"I know that this has been a challenging period for
Lindsey, and she has considered her position very carefully, not least
because she will have to resign as Scrutiny Committee Chairman. 
Lindsey has been a very effective ward representative for six years,
and I know that this decision will not deflect her from that role in
the short period before the next County Elections.

"I look forward very much to working with Lindsey to
continue to safeguard the best interests of the people of Lincolnshire
in these very difficult times."

Karl McCartney, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Lincoln said:

"I am ecstatic that Lincoln now has a Conservative
County Councillor representing the City of Lincoln’s interests.
Obviously since the increase in Conservative votes in Lincoln since
2004, I fully expect that Cllr. Cawrey is the first of many Lincoln
City Conservative County Councillors, as will be born out on County
Council election night in 2009.  Having met Lindsey, I look forward to
working with her towards winning the next General Election, and welcome
her as a Conservative Party member."

Lincoln Conservative Association Chairman Mrs. Rachel Hubbard said:

"Membership of our Association is increasing all the time and we
obviously welcome Lindsey as part of our team, I am sure she will make
a valuable contribution."

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