Brexit 1) May’s speech expected to please Eurosceptics

theresa-may-08-01-17‘Theresa May will gamble this week by siding with Eurosceptics and signalling she is prepared to take Britain out of the single market and customs union. In her most significant Brexit speech since taking office, the Prime Minister will defy critics by indicating she is open to a clean break with the EU. The intervention, which follows immense pressure to reveal her Brexit plans, is designed to reassure the public and reveal what she wants from talks. However the speech risks exposing deep splits in the Tory Party over Europe as she finally details her vision for Britain’s future outside the EU. In her speech, Mrs May is expected to say that Britain must: Be prepared to leave the customs union to secure free trade deals across the world; Regain full control of its borders even if that means ending single market membership; No longer be bound by European Court of Justice rulings after Brexit, despite claims to the contrary; Unite after the “division” of the referendum by ditching the terms “Leaver” and “Remainer”.’ – Sunday Telegraph

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Brexit 2) Davis: We’ve been listening and planning

DAVIS David‘Last summer the people of the UK decided to leave the European Union. Parliament put that decision in their hands, granting a referendum that MPs backed by a margin of six to one. The House of Commons has also endorsed the government’s plan to trigger article 50, starting the formal process of negotiation over Britain’s exit, by March 31. So for all the heat and controversy of the past six months, no one here or in Europe should be in any doubt: the UK is going to leave the EU. The government led by Theresa May is determined to respect the outcome of the referendum, and negotiate an exit that works for the whole of the country. We’re ready for whatever outcome is decided by the Supreme Court on the process of triggering article 50, just as we’ll be ready for any outcome of the negotiation that follows.’ – The Sunday Times (£)

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Brexit 3) Select committee asks for details from May by mid-February

‘Theresa May has been given a one-month deadline to finally end the secrecy surrounding her Brexit strategy, a hard-hitting report by MPs revealed today. Crucial issues including membership of the EU’s single market and customs union – and plans for a “transitional deal” – must be revealed by the middle of February, they say. The Prime Minister is also told to guarantee her promised Brexit plan is a fully fleshed-out White Paper, rather than a rumoured brief note.’ – Independent on Sunday

Brexit 4) Labour ‘to force’ for Commons vote in case of Government Supreme Court defeat

EU Exit brexit‘Labour will use the government’s expected defeat in the Supreme Court this month to force Theresa May to give MPs a vote over the final Brexit deal. The Telegraph has learnt that the party plans to table an amendment demanding MPs get a veto on the terms of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. Should the move not win enough votes among MPs, the party will use its position in the House of Lords to urge the Government to make the guarantee. Senior Labour figures believe that because the European Parliament must vote on the final Brexit agreement – expected in mid-2019 – the House of Commons should also have a say.’ – Sunday Telegraph

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Conservatives more trusted than Labour on NHS

Jeremy Hunt portrait‘More people believe Theresa May and the Conservatives would do a better job than Labour managing the NHS this winter despite many agreeing with the description of the health service facing a “humanitarian crisis”, a new poll suggests. The ComRes poll for The Independent comes as the Prime Minister faces calls to apologise after “scapegoating” GPs and warning they should offer extended opening hours, amid intensifying pressure on the NHS hospital services.’ – Independent on Sunday


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Tory MPs call for ban on critical infrastructure strikes

’Fifty Tory MPs are demanding that the Government brings in tougher strikes laws to ensure the “widespread misery” seen on Southern Rail can never be repeated. Writing to the Telegraph, the politicians claim that unions are using the “flimsy pretext” of safety concerns to cause “wide-scale disruption”. They want new legislation that bans strikes on “critical public infrastructure” such as train and bus services unless the action is proved “reasonable and proportionate” by a judge.’ – Sunday Telegraph

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Dozens of Labour MPs ‘ready to follow’ Tristram Hunt

CORBYN Jeremy Marr June 2016‘Dozens of Labour MPs are ready to follow Tristram Hunt out of politics, one of the party’s leading moderates warned this weekend. Many are fed up with life “on the reserve bench of the reserve bench” under Jeremy Cor­byn and are ready to resign, according to the former sha­dow cabine­t minis­ter who is play­in­g a leading role in resistin­g the hard-left leadership. Moderates could set up their own party if they were deselected by Corbyn supporters, the senior MP warned: “Deselection is the point at which you will not just get people to leave and cause by-elections to get new jobs, you will get bitterness and determination to fight back.’ –  The Sunday Times (£)


Trump plans summit with Putin

TRUMP victory speech‘Donald Trump is planning to hold a summit with Vladimir Putin within weeks of becoming president — emulating Ronald Reagan’s Cold War deal-making in Reykjavik with Mikhail Gorbachev. Trump and his team have told British officials that their first foreign trip will be a meeting with the Russian leader, with the Icelandic capital in pole position to host the superpower talks as it did three decades ago. In a bid to reset western relations with the Kremlin, Trump will begin work on a deal limiting nuclear weapons.’ – The Sunday Times (£)



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