Cameron to EU: “Drop the term ‘single currency’ or we’re out”

EU Exit“David Cameron is demanding that a special status for the United Kingdom be enshrined in the European Union as a way of keeping Britain in the Brussels club. The prime minister wants to force the EU to acknowledge that the euro is not Europe’s ‘single currency’ — and to write the change into the bloc’s treaties. A confidential British negotiating document seen by The Times spells out one of the prime minister’s pivotal demands as he tries to reshape the UK’s relationship with the EU” – The Times (£)

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Gove versus the European Court of Human Rights

“The new Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, will call forces into the field against him that make the educationalists who opposed him before look like primary school children. The origins of the row go back to 1998, when Tony Blair decided to place the European Court of Human Rights at the apex of the British legal system. Since then, we have had a stream of controversial rulings: suspected terrorists escaping extradition, illegal migrants evading repatriation, prisoners demanding the vote” – Daniel Hannan, Spectator

  • The only bedroom fantasies my generation like to indulge in are the ones that involve actual sleep – Sarah Vine, Daily Mail


Video: Daniel Hannan MEP on the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta

Cameron announces crackdown on illegal immigrant labour

IMMIGRATION mat“David Cameron will today announce that the government will make illegal working a criminal offence and give police new powers to seize wages as proceeds of crime. He will say that it is ‘too easy’ for immigrants to work in the black market.The prime minister’s plans — to be unveiled in his first speech on migration since being re-elected — will be brought forward in a bill to be introduced in the Queen’s Speech next week” – Financial Times

  • Ten immigrants found hiding in the boots of new Maseratis – Daily Mail
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May tells the police: stop whining and prepare for cuts

“Theresa May accused police officers of repeatedly ‘crying wolf’ over the impact of spending cuts yesterday. The home secretary told police leaders to stop scaremongering over the impact of austerity and prepare for further cuts to funding. Mrs May said more financial savings would have to be made over the next five years and she did not accept that there was no more waste to cut” – The Times (£)

  • Police reveal the scale of their child sex abuse inquiries – Daily Telegraph

Osborne: we must increase productivity

OSBORNE of the north“Britain’s ‘damaged productivity’ could drag down living standards for generations, George Osborne conceded last night as he made improving workers’ output the priority of his second term. The chancellor avoided all mention of Britain’s low productivity in his last budget before the election despite worries that the key measure of output per worker still trailed pre-crisis levels. In a speech to the CBI last night, however, Mr Osborne spelt out the ‘productivity challenge’ facing Britain’s economy in stark terms, saying the country’s ‘future prosperity depends’ on its improvement” – The Times (£)

  • Treasury to raise £23 billion from privatisations – Daily Mail
  • Osborne needs to realise there’s more to the North than Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool – Jonathan Meades, Daily Telegraph

Montgomerie: This so-called 0ne-nation Toryism stinks

“Mr Osborne’s lopsided tax-cutting agenda would be controversial enough if it wasn’t also scheduled to coincide with £12 billion of welfare cuts…the middle classes shouldn’t be getting tax cuts while those in tough, poorly paid jobs, who are already running out of money at the start of the month, are getting their benefits cut. That’s not one-nation conservatism; it’s two-nations conservatism” – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

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UKIP and other Opposition parties in trouble

Nigel Farage“UKIP was plunged into a fresh crisis last night as it faced axing half its staff because of a funding shortage. The party had expected to cash in on the four million votes it got at the general election with millions of pounds of public money. But after its sole MP Douglas Carswell refused the full £650,000-a-year parliamentary funding to which Ukip is entitled, saying the party should not ‘jump on the gravy train’, it is now being forced to cut back dramatically on staff” – Daily Mail

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