Labour takes four-point lead over Tories

MILIBAND Ed official“Labour surged into a four-point lead in the polls last night, delivering a wounding blow to David Cameron as he prepares to meet the Queen tomorrow to kickstart the general election campaign. The first comprehensive national poll conducted since Cameron and Ed Miliband faced a televised grilling by Jeremy Paxman on Thursday night shows the Labour leader has benefited from a post-show bounce that puts him on course for Downing Street. The YouGov survey for The Sunday Times puts Labour on 36 per cent, with the Tories trailing on 32 per cent” – Sunday Times (£)

Kellner: what the YouGov poll would mean in seats

“YouGov’s poll for The Sunday Times indicates a swing of more than six percentage points from Conservative to Labour across England and Wales. If this were repeated in every constituency, Labour would gain enough seats to come close to an outright majority… However, past experience suggests many MPs defending marginal seats will enjoy an incumbency bonus. Taking this into account, I estimate our overall figures would give Labour 289, the Conservatives 267, the SNP 43 and the Lib Dems 28” – Peter Kellner, Sunday Times (£)

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Cameron: My plan to win back disgruntled Tories

CAMERON straight at you“In his final interview before the start of the full-time election campaign, the Prime Minister sets out his personal mission to bring job security to millions, cut taxes for married couples and help Britons to enjoy ‘the good life’…Mr Cameron offers his critics humility. ‘I accept I have a task in the next 41 days to win back people who are instinctively Conservative, who have strong Conservative values and some of them have drifted off to other parties. I need to win them back’” – Sunday Telegraph

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Tory Diary: “We are with you”: The theme of Cameron’s speech to Conservative Spring Forum

Hunt promises extra £8 billion for NHS

“The Tories promised last night an extra £8bn in funding for the NHS in an attempt to wipe out Labour’s election advantage on the health service. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, revealed that the Conservatives will fully fund a five-year plan drawn up by Sir Simon Stevens, the head of NHS England, and keep the budget rising faster than inflation. In a further boost for families with children he announced that ministers have struck a landmark deal to vaccinate newborn babies against meningitis B” – Sunday Times (£)


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