Tory Eurosceptics urge Cameron to toughen stance on EU

EU Exit“Eurosceptic Tory MPs are pressing David Cameron to toughen his position on the EU and immigration in order to neutralise the threat from Ukip. The Prime Minister has already promised to set out more details of his proposal to renegotiate looser ties with Brussels. But he could ‘take the legs’ out of Nigel Farage’s party by campaigning for an ‘out’ vote in a referendum on EU membership if he fails to claw back significant powers, say MPs.” – Daily Mail

  • “Backbenchers want the Prime Minister to use a major speech about immigration – expected as early as next week – to unveil plans for introducing immediate restrictions on migrants from the European Union. Speaking in the wake of Ukip’s victory in Rochester and Strood, former Tory Cabinet Minister Peter Lilley said: “It would be absolutely right to have emergency measures.” And fellow backbencher Andrew Bridgen called for Mr Cameron to make clear that Britain will quit the EU unless significant powers can be won back from Brussels including more control over immigration policy.” – Daily Express

>Yesterday: Ed West on Comment: Tim Montgomerie has ten reasons for not voting for UKIP. Here are ten of mine for doing so.

UKIP will become a “major force in Parliament” predicts Farage…

UKIP logo“Nigel Farage has said UKIP can become a major force in Parliament at next year’s election after its victory in the Rochester and Strood by-election. UKIP’s leader said Mark Reckless’s win made him think the party could take twice as many seats as it had thought.” – BBC

  • The key to UKIP’s victory? We listened to people – Nigel Farage The Independent
  • “UKIP will target at least 20 seats it believes it can win at next May’s general election in an attempt to hold the balance of power in another hung parliament.” – The Independent


… but Tories “absolutely determined” to win back Rochester and Strood

“Prime Minister David Cameron says he is “absolutely determined” to win back Rochester and Strood, after UKIP’s victory in the by-election. The PM said the result was closer than predicted and voters could be won back to the Conservatives. He warned that supporting UKIP risked a Labour victory at the general election” – BBC

  • Rochester result “anti politics” sentiment says Douglas Alexander – BBC

Will Hollobone defect?

hollobone“A Conservative MP who is close friends with Mark Reckless has been named as the favourite to become the next Tory backbencher to join the UK Independence Party. Philip Hollobone, who attended Dulwich College at the same time as Nigel Farage, was the subject of mounting speculation after he introduced Mr Reckless to the House of Commons as he was sworn in as a Ukip MP following his defection from the Tories and by-election victory in Rochester and Strood. Mr Hollobone only added to that speculation by voting against the Government in favour of Labour’s private member’s Bill on the NHS.” – Daily Telegraph

  • The result will make Tory MPs think twice about defecting – The Indepedent

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