Brexit 1) Hammond and Davis differ on transition timetable

‘Splits emerged at the top of government yesterday as the Brexit secretary accused the chancellor of inconsistency and Boris Johnson faced mockery. The prime minister appeared to be struggling to contain divisions within her top team after David Davis and Philip Hammond set out alternative timetables for Brexit, with different customs arrangements in place once the two-year talks had concluded. The men — two of the most powerful figures in the cabinet — appeared to disagree about a Brexit transition agreement to ensure that Britain would not go over a “cliff edge”. Last week the chancellor indicated that it could last up to four years, but yesterday Mr Davis suggested that it would be one or two.’ – The Times (£)

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Brexit 2) Farage: The establishment must control immigration, or else

‘Unless this issue is gripped, public anger will grow and we’ll have seen nothing yet when it comes to political shocks. I say this because 77 per cent of the British people want us to have proper border controls and reduced immigration levels. That isn’t going away. The gulf and the disconnect between the voters and politicians in Westminster has grown wider, not narrower, since the referendum result last year. And however difficult or unpleasant the establishment found it as I campaigned on immigration numbers in the years leading up the referendum, unless something is done about this crisis, something very unpleasant will inevitably emerge.’ – Nigel Farage, Daily Telegraph

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Labour tries to tempt Tories to disrupt the Queen’s Speech

‘Labour will try to sabotage the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday by tabling an amendment to tempt Tory MPs to vote against the Government and embarrass Theresa May. The party is demanding that the Government recruit more police officers and firefighters, scrap the public sector pay cap and praise the emergency services for the response to recent terror attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire. The contents of the amendment are likely to have been picked by Labour in a bid to try and win over Tory MPs who may be sympathetic to the measures to inflict a damaging defeat on the Prime Minister. The Labour amendment will be the first vote of the new Parliament and represents a key test for Mrs May and her newly-inked alliance between the Conservatives and Democratic Unionist Party.’ – Daily Telegraph

The number of buildings to fail cladding safety tests hits 95

‘Hospitals and student halls have been discovered with potentially flammable cladding, it was revealed yesterday as the government appointed an expert panel to advise on immediate measures to ensure high-rise blocks are safe. The number of blocks where cladding has failed fire safety tests after the Grenfell Tower disaster has increased to 95, with privately rented buildings included for the first time. Theresa May said that “something has clearly gone wrong” over several decades. Her spokesman said an investigation into the use of cladding could be conducted as a second phase of the public inquiry into the fire in London that killed at least 79 people this month. The Justice4Grenfell campaign is compiling its own list of victims as mistrust grows over the official death toll.’ – The Times (£)

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