May vows to use Brexit to ‘make Britain work for ordinary people’

MAY Britannia“Theresa vows to use Brexit to rip up the privileges of the elite and make Britain work for ordinary people again. Writing for The Sun, the PM reveals she will unveil her flagship new industrial strategy next week to start her mission to make the country “more equal”. And she also issues an emotive plea to Sun readers directly to support her new Brexit plan and help unite the country again. The blueprint for the nation’s workplaces of the future will tear down “the barriers of privilege” and “spread wealth and opportunity”, Mrs May insists.” – The Sun

  • Loyal aides helped write Prime Minister’s defining speech – FT
  • EU leaders warm to the Prime Minister’s approach – The Sun
  • Agree to £60 billion bill before we’ll talk trade, EU tells May – The Times (£)
  • Maltese Prime Minister insists any deal will be worse tham membership – The Sun
  • Spain mocks British plan and economic model – Daily Express
  • Most voters back May’s plan, but doubt it’ll work – The Times (£)
  • Hard Brexit will hurt UK more, say EU leaders – The Guardian

Theresa May: Help me build a stronger UK that works for everyone

“Last year, the country took a momentous decision. People voted in their millions to leave the European Union and embrace a brighter future for Britain. This is the year we start to make it happen. That is why, earlier this week, I set out the Government’s 12 negotiating objectives for Brexit, so that everyone has the clarity they need about our direction of travel as we prepare to trigger Article 50 before the end of March. But those 12 objectives are just part of my Plan for Britain. Because last summer’s referendum was not just a vote to leave the European Union. It was a vote to change the way our whole country works. A vote to build a stronger, fairer Britain that works for everyone, not just the privileged few. A Britain – and a Brexit – that works for ordinary working people.” – The Sun

  • PMQs showed it’s Corbyn, not May, who has no Brexit plan – Martin Kettle, The Guardian
  • Has there been proper opposition to May’s Brexit speech? Has there heck – Tom Harris, Daily Telegraph
  • May has called Sturgeon’s bluff on Scottish independence – Alex Bell, The Guardian
  • May converts Remainers into reluctant Brexiteers – Sebastian Payne, FT
  • In Europe we see only one Brexit loser, and it won’t be us – Jean Quatremer, The Guardian



The First Brexiteer: ‘Tens of thousands’ migration target ‘is possible’, says Davis

IMMIGRATION mat“David Davis yesterday revived the Government’s controversial pledge to slash net migration to the tens of thousands – saying ‘anything is possible’ after Brexit. Despite the figure standing at more than 330,000, the Brexit Secretary declared: ‘The simple truth is that we’re going to do it.’ It came as Theresa May and Trade Secretary Liam Fox flew to a meeting of global leaders in the Swiss resort of Davos to declare that Britain is ‘open for business’.” – Daily Mail

  • Migrant tide may take two years to turn, warns Brexit Secretary – The Sun
  • Davis tells Scottish people he’s working on a good deal for them – Daily Express
  • Immigration scam uses ‘fake lives’ in Ireland to create back door to Britain – The Times (£)
  • New EU president to force member states to share asylum seekers – Daily Express
  • Fivefold increase in number of EU citizens in UK detention centres – The Indepenent

More Brexit:

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Jenni Russell: Brexit won’t lead to more controlled immigration

“For the past six years the Tories have been both allowing huge numbers of non-EU immigrants into the country and looking for ways to deter them. Analysis shows almost half of recent arrivals came here as paying students, a fifth came with visas to fill specific skilled jobs that Britons couldn’t do, another fifth came to join family or marry, and one in ten – puzzlingly, since the system isn’t meant to allow random non-EU jobseekers – were looking for work. The government’s quandary is where to clamp down.” – The Times (£)

  • The days of Europe à la carte are over – Guy Verhofstadt, The Guardian
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  • Focus on immigration could have catastrophic consequences – Anne Perkins, The Guardian
  • If Remainers don’t tone down the hyperbole, they’ll damage Britain – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail
  • Voters need a say on where power will lie after Brexit – Katie Ghose, Times Red Box


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