Counter-extremism will form the heart of the Queen’s Speech

Queen's Speech‘David Cameron is to put curbing Islamist extremism at the heart of the Queen’s Speech this month as he seeks to fend off claims that he is becoming a lame-duck prime minister. Measures to ban organisations, gag individuals and close down premises used to “promote hatred” are to be included in an Extremism Bill that will be announced on May 18…The drive will begin with the launch of an independent review of how Sharia courts are operating in Britain. Theresa May, the home secretary, who first promised last December to investigate claims of a “parallel” justice system, has now finalised its terms of reference and is expected to announce the inquiry in the next fortnight.’ – The Times (£)

  • Extremists claim to have a mole in the MoD – Daily Express
  • Undercover journalist infiltrates terror cell in France – Daily Mail
  • ISIS and Assad colluded over Palmyra – Daily Mail

EU 1) Turkey to gain visa-free access despite not meeting Brussels’ conditions

‘Seventy-five million Turks will move a giant step closer to visa-free access to continental Europe tomorrow, even though Ankara has yet to meet a series of demands from Brussels. The European Commission will propose that Turks receive the travel concession at the start of July, a key part of the deal under which Turkey has agreed to take back all migrants entering Greece illegally. However, Turkey is yet to meet all 72 legal and political criteria set out by Brussels as a condition of the relaxed travel rules.’ – The Times (£)

  • Erdogan is getting a free pass – The Times Leader (£)
  • EU workers now make up 6 per cent of the UK workforce – FT
  • 80 EU nationals arrested every day in London alone – Daily Mail
  • The organisation only exists to become a superstate – Nigel Lawson, Daily Telegraph
  • Brief released for Leave campaign adverts – Daily Mail
  • £15,000 a day bill for taxpayers to keep Farage safe – The Times (£)


EU 2) Mandelson: Leave campaigners ‘hate’ other countries

MANDELSON Peter Sky‘The battle lines of the EU referendum contest are being firmly established. Those campaigning to get Britain out of the EU are gradually being forced to abandon a strategy based on economic argument in favour of Nigel Farage’s long preferred dog-whistle tactics. This is now developing into a contest between the economy and immigration. But for a while, it did not look like the campaign would be fought along such predictable lines.’ – Peter Mandelson, The Guardian

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Tory rebels urge the Government to accept 3,000 child refugees from Europe

‘Ministers last week scuppered a bid to let in 3,000 youngsters stuck in European refugee camps. Tory rebels have vowed to push it to a Commons vote again a week today after Labour peer Alf Dubs – who was himself a child refugee – retabled the plan. One Tory rebel, Heidi Allen MP, said last night: “Tragically I’m not surprised the number is so high as a lot of these children have been hiding from the authorities. It is all the more reason why Britain must do its bit.” – The Sun (£)

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Gibb warns parents against school strike

GIBB Nick Newsnight‘Ministers have warned parents who take their children out of school for the nation’s first ever pupils’ strike tomorrow will harm their education. Tens of thousands of youngsters are expected to be kept away from classrooms in the revolt over seven-year-olds having to do Sats tests. Schools Minister Nick Gibb urged ringleaders to drop the plans, saying it is unfair to haul kids out even for one day.’ – The Sun (£)

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