Trump 1) Washington prepares for the inauguration

TRUMP Donald thumbs up‘Donald Trump vowed to make America “greater than ever before” as he stood framed by Washington’s Lincoln Memorial and addressed a crowd of supporters on the eve of his inauguration as the 45th president of the United States. “It’s a movement like we’ve never seen anywhere in the world,” the former property developer and reality television star declared before fireworks lit up the sky above the National Mall and the president-elect headed across the normally sleepy city to Union Station for a black-tie dinner with his supporters and the donors he once derided. “There’s never been a movement like this. And it’s something very, very special. And we’re going to unify our country. And our phrase, you all know it. Half of you are wearing the hat — Make America Great Again.”’ – FT


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Trump 2) Hammond warns of the ‘fool’s paradise’ of populism

‘Philip Hammond launched a thinly-veiled attack on Donald Trump yesterday, saying populism was a ‘fool’s paradise’. Although he did not mention the incoming US President by name, the Chancellor said there were no easy options for governments around the world in the face of mounting discontent. Mr Trump, who will be sworn in today in Washington DC, swept to power on a tidal wave of populist support, partly rooted in criticism of globalisation and free trade. It came as another Cabinet minister, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, also issued a coded attack on the new President over his stance on Russia.’ – Daily Mail

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Trump 3) New ambassador to London named

American USA flag‘President-elect Donald J. Trump on Thursday chose Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets football franchise and one of Mr. Trump’s oldest friends, as his ambassador to Britain. It is just the fourth ambassadorial pick Mr. Trump has announced…the job could be unusually challenging during Mr. Trump’s administration, as Prime Minister Theresa May pushes Britain to leave the European Union and tries to reach a quick trade agreement with the United States…Mr. Johnson, heir to a pharmaceutical and shampoo fortune, has long balanced his twin passions of politics and football. He was a prominent member of Mitt Romney’s fund-raising team in 2012, when he said he would rather Mr. Romney win the presidency than the Jets have a winning season. Neither happened.’ – New York Times

  • His Treasury nominee forgot to declare $100 million – The Times (£)

May has firm words for global businesses

‘Theresa May yesterday warned the world’s business elite that they face disaster if they do not win back the trust of ordinary workers. In a thinly-veiled threat to tech giants Facebook, Apple and Google, the PM said that barely a third of low-income Brits have any faith in them. And she insisted that all arrogant global companies must stop tax dodging and curb their fatcat executives’ soaring pay to win back trust. Mrs May also told the World Economic Forum in Davos that such firms must ditch their short-term hunt for quick profits and “invest in people and communities for the long term”.’ – The Sun

  • Good – The Sun Says
  • The industrial strategy will be launched next week – FT

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