Cameron: I’d love to raise the 40p threshold…but I can’t

cut taxes‘The Prime Minister said: ‘I know that a lot of people believe that the 40p rate now kicks in quite early and quite of people who don’t see themselves as fundamentally very wealthy are paying that 40p tax rate. Now I would love to be able to stand here and say we are going to sort all this out, we will raise the thresholds of all these tax rates, I can’t make that promise today.’ – Daily Mail

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Shapps: Miliband plans to tax death

‘There are only two certainties in life – death and Labour putting up taxes. Now Ed Miliband has found an easy way of combining the two. Labour wants to slap a 15 per cent death tax to pay for inefficient and ineffective spending.’ – Grant Shapps, Daily Express

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More sanctions on Russia – but EU avoids offending gas boss

Russian flag‘The new Brussels blacklist is the first time that it has gone beyond sanctions on people directly involved in Crimea or East Ukraine to hit the oligarchs in Mr Putin’s inner circle but the EU has failed to be as tough as the US that has targeted many more of the banks and individuals at the centre of power in Russia. EU governments dependent on Russia for energy imports have held off listing Igor Sechin, the mastermind of the Kremlin’s energy strategy and Russia’s second most powerful man because he is the chairman of Rosneft, the oil company with close links to European companies such as BP.’ – Daily Telegraph


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Heath: Banker bashing has gone too far

‘Britain’s war on bank bonuses has now become completely absurd. Yes, dear reader, you read that right: unlike almost everybody else, I believe that the latest “crackdown” on bankers will turn out to be disastrously counter-productive. It will weaken the City, cost jobs and is the wrong solution to the wrong problem. Demagoguery has infected even the coolest of heads.’ – Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph

Montgomerie: Come clean, Mr Cameron – the EU means we can’t control immigration

EU Exit‘Mr Cameron, may I give you some advice?…I’ve read that you want to appear tougher on immigration so that you can win back Tory voters who have defected to Ukip. If this really is your intention, it isn’t working. Slowly but surely you are actually losing voters’ confidence on immigration. Voters know that you can’t control immigration as long as Britain is a member of the EU and the EU has freedom of movement across its borders. You need to be straight with them.’ – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

  • 79.2 per cent of EU nationals in UK are in work – The Sun (£)

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