Cameron accused of “scaremongering” about Jungle camp in Kent

Snip20160209_2“Downing Street today stood by a claim the Calais Jungle camp could reappear in Kent ‘overnight’ if Britain leaves the EU despite a fierce backlash claiming David Cameron was ‘scaremongering’… The Prime Minister’s claims were immediately attacked by senior Tories, including former Cabinet minister Liam Fox who pointed to a quote from the French government last year ruling out the idea that it would ever tear up the agreement. Dr Fox added that he was ‘sad and disappointed’ at Mr Cameron’s claims while David Davis said it was ‘desperate scaremongering’” – Daily Mail

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  • Cameron says being in the EU gives Britain key counter-terrorism information – Guardian
  • Margaret Thatcher would vote for Brexit – Lord Young of Graffham, letter to The Times (£)
  • Cameron says no to televised referendum debate – The Sun
  • The referendum is happening too early to be meaningful – Janan Ganesh, Financial Times
  • Macedonia builds another fence on border with Greece – Daily Mail
  • NHS “bled dry by EU tourists” – The Sun
  • We are up against a new Reich – Peter Hill, Daily Express


Comment: Matthew Goodwin: Mapping the Leave-voting heartlands


Osborne could be forced to raise petrol prices

Osborne“George Osborne may be forced to raise prices at the petrol pumps to meet his election pledge to eliminate the deficit, a leading think tank has warned. Freezing fuel duty has become a central plank of government policy under the chancellor. He could be forced to look at raising the tax, however, to fill a £3 billion hole in the country’s finances, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies” – The Times (£)

  • Budget surplus goal at risk – Financial Times
  • Osborne’s plotting another pensions grab – Ed Conway, The Times (£)
  • Half a million families will lose child benefit – Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron’s mother confirms that she signed petition against cuts – Guardian
  • Osborne’s psychiatrist brother admits sleeping with vulnerable patient – Daily Telegraph

Cameron announces prison reforms

“David Cameron announced plans to give prison governors greater control over rules for prisoners, saying it was wrong that Whitehall officials were ‘wondering how many pairs of underpants they’re allowed’. The Prime Minister said the current system was ‘infantilising’ senior staff and unveiled plans to create six new ‘reform’ prisons where proven governors would be given ‘total discretion’ over how they spend their budgets” – Daily Mail

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  • Gove does a runner without answering EU question – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • Experts want Scotland to scrap short jail sentences – Herald



Tories “flouted electoral law”

ballotbox“Senior Conservatives appear to have flouted electoral law by failing to declare spending amounting to tens of thousands of pounds during three key by-election campaigns, it has been reported. Channel 4 News said it had obtained hundreds of pages of receipts which suggested the party broke the rules in the 2014 contests in Newark, Clacton and Rochester & Strood” – Independent

BMA accuses Hunt of vetoing deal

Jeremy Hunt“Jeremy Hunt vetoed a deal to end the junior doctor dispute which was supported by the NHS’ own negotiators, it has been claimed. According to sources close to the British Medical Association (BMA), a proposal that addressed pay for working evenings and Saturdays – the last major contentious issue – and which was cost neutral for the Government, was blocked despite negotiators from the NHS Employers organisation viewing it as an opportunity to resolve the dispute” – Independent

  • Dissatisfaction with NHS shows greatest rise in 30 years – Daily Telegraph

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