Cameron’s plan for the Tories’ first hundred days in power

CAMERON Popular“David Cameron today announces his plans for the first 100 days of a new Conservative government, promising radical tax cuts if he is re-elected as Prime Minister in 11 days’ time. … Mr Cameron pledges to scrap human rights laws and include a referendum on the European Union in his first Queen’s Speech on May 27 if he stays in Downing Street. … However, writing for The Telegraph, he warns that voters risk opening the door of Number 10 to Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon, who will be ‘locked in a death dance’ that destroys Britain’s economy.” – Sunday Telegraph

“We’ve saved the economy from ruin – don’t let Ed Miliband spoil it.” Read Cameron’s Sunday Telegraph article in full

  • “New laws will free up to one million people from income tax if Tories win the election. … The PM revealed that boosting the take-home pay of those on the minimum wage will be his first act on May 8, within hours of the general election.” – Sun on Sunday (£)

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  • “David Cameron is laying out what a future Conservative government would do for ordinary Britons. This rediscovery of Thatcherite vision is most welcome.” – Sunday Telegraph editorial

James Forsyth: The Prime Minister is going for the undecideds

FORSYTH, James“Those close to him say Cameron is less nervous than he was at the start of the campaign. He is irritated, though, by the constant calls on him to show more passion. … Campaign insiders from both parties point to the unusually high number of undecideds – as many as one in five of those who intend to vote. Which way they jump will determine the result. Cameron regards reeling in this group, rather than angling for voters from the other parties, as the key challenge for the Tories.” – James Forsyth, Mail on Sunday

  • “Now presenting: the Cameron late, late show.” – Sunday Times editorial (£)

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Leadership talk 1) Some Tory donors aren’t pleased with the campaign so far – and are backing Boris

Boris Hurdles“David Cameron is under fire from two wealthy party donors over the Conservatives’ ‘lacklustre’ election campaign. … Investment boss Peter Hall and Pizza Express mogul Hugh Osmond, who have given more than £700,000 between them since 2005, said the Tories were uninspiring and the PM lacked passion. … They backed Boris Johnson for party leader if Mr Cameron loses the election.” – Sun on Sunday (£)

  • “Whether or not the Conservatives manage to pull off a win on polling day next month, the party’s campaign has been dull, dull, dull. … There’s been not an ounce of sparkle. … Which is one thing that Boris Johnson has in spades.” – Sun on Sunday editorial (£)

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  • “The darkest of the existential crises about to hit the established parties is probably the one that faces the Tory party. … If the Tories yet again fail to win a majority, that will be the trigger for a massive argument about why not.” – Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer

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Leadership talk 2) Boris would never run against his own brother, Miliband-style

“Ed Miliband was branded a back-stabber yesterday by Boris Johnson who vowed never to knife his own MP brother. … The London Mayor launched a blistering attack on the Labour leader over the ruthless way he snatched his party’s crown from his big bruv David’s head. … Tory Boris said he and his rising star brother Jo will stick to a Mafia-style code of “never, ever” turning on each other. … Mimicking the gruff tones of Vito Corleone in The Godfather, he declared: ‘It’s the family. We don’t do it like that… never, ever.’” – Sun on Sunday (£) Continue to all today’s Newslinks